Olive Cohen Goes For A Check-Up

Isla Fisher was seen bringing 1-year-old daughter Olive to the doctor’s office in Santa Monica.

Isla’s latest flick, Confessions of a Shopaholic, opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, Feb. 13.


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  • Lynna

    Do you have pictures of Isla & Olive from last Tuesday outing?

    Olive is my favorite celeb bay!

  • Jess

    Lynna, Olive is my favorite one too!!
    I love this mother/daughter pair. Love seeing pics of them as well!

  • Isabelle

    What a cute baby!! Is it just me, or it seems that we never see Olive pictured with her father?

  • Emily

    I believe I’ve seen Olive pictured once with her father (at the airport). It was quite a while ago though. Strange if you ask me. She’s def a cute kid!!

  • Jen

    It’s probably safe to say they’re not together anymore. They’re never seen together, and Sasha had been/is maybe still in Europe causing trouble with his latest character. Isla looks like a single mom to me. Poor Olive.

  • Jessica

    They are still together. They were together at the Golden Globes. This topic has been discussed a couple days ago and the reason that Olive is never photographed with her father is that he’s very very strict about the photogs. He goes far out of his way to avoid them.

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