Carnie Wilson’s Baby Bump Workout

Pregnant singer Carnie Wilson walks near her home with a personal trainer on Wednesday.

Carnie recently said that she is really enjoying her pregnancy: “I love being 40 and pregnant. It rocks! I am Fertile Myrtle, you could say.”

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  • gia

    Not to be rude, but she looks like she has gained more than enough weight already & she isnt even THAT pregnant yet…Plus, I would hardly call someone with just 2 pregnancies under their belt a “Fertile Myrtle”. I dont understand why she is even still relevant as a celeb.

  • Rita

    I don’t understand either, Gia.

  • Hannah

    Yeah, I was wondering about the “fertile Myrtle” comment. Strange since this is only her second pregnancy, and didn’t she say they were trying for a while?

    I don’t mean to sound rude but what exactly is she famous for in the first place? It says singer but has she sung anything anyone knows? (Honest question, not being catty or sarcastic 🙂 )

  • shirilicious

    Don’t quote me on that, but isn’t she the daughter of Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)? If so, than she was in a band called Wilson Phillips (back in the early nineties) and they had some minor success. If it’s her than she has changed a lot, she was a pretty girl back then.

  • shirilicious

    Ha, I just looked her up and yes, she is Brian Wilson’s daughter but I mistook her for one of the Phillips sisters. Wilson, it seems, has always had problems with her weight.

  • coco

    being pregnant gives her a free press to eat anything she wants which means everything. not good…..

  • Cassie

    I’m thinking she meant “Fertile Myrtle” as a joke about being pregnant at 40 – not referring to how many kids she’s had. And, please, I hope none of you are really making judgments about her pregnancy weight gain and/or her lifelong struggles with weight. You can’t know until you’ve walked in those shoes. Also – you all must be YOUNG to not know about Wilson Phillips! 20ish? Surpised you didn’t know she was Brian Wilson’s daughter, either.

  • kdb

    geesh, you all are giving her a hard time it seems!!! if you ask me she looks more like a typical person, instead of the stick figure pregnant celebrity image that it sounds like you all are holding her to ….

    and she may have called herself fertile myrtle because she was able to get pregnant at forty (which i know folks do, but it’s typically not as easy as when you are 25)

  • gia

    I agree with Hannah, I think she had issues conceiving baby #1 & #2 didnt happen right away either, so whether she is 40 or not, I just dont consider her a “Fertile Myrtle”… To me that is someone like Michelle Duggars or someone who gets pregnant very easily….Not to be harsh, but I think people are tough on her because she is incredibly annoying especially about her constant weight issues that she seems to use to her advantage to maintain relevance, she is not really an A, B or C-list celeb, more like a D list & she is really just a has been from the 80’s who was probably only popular to start with because of nepotism. She invites people into the whole weight issue by doing things like broadcasting her bypass surgery on the internet…I feel I have the right to say whatever I want about how she looks pregnant or not, because she basically put it all out there for us to see…There is such a thing as discretion, not lying, but being discreet…when you are discreet though you lose out on publicity, so she made her choice.

  • Callie

    Wow you guys are f’in must be nice to be so perfect. Anyways atleast she is working out during pregnancy and tryin to stay fit. She was big to begin with so I don’t think the weight she has is just from being pregnant so that doesnt mean she just doesnt care “is eating anything she wants”. Geesh

  • Tif

    Oooooo! She’s put on a few pounds!!! Eeeeek! THROW HER TO THE WOLVES!!!! heehee

  • Kaelyn-aubrey

    Congrats carnie on your baby girl I like the names she choose for her daughters Lola and Luciana.

  • Bella

    Amen, Callie!

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