James Wilkie & His Trendy Trousers

James Wilkie Broderick, 6, was seen with colorful pants walking in West Village of New York City with mother Sarah Jessica Parker on Friday.

The duo were were spotted all bundled up in chilly NYC yesterday as well.

Photos: Splash

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  • nora

    Those are not trendy pants. Those are definitely PJ bottoms. Why aren’t his pants ever long enough? It is ridiculous, I like hand me downs too (as SJP states) but I want them to at least be the RIGHT length.

  • shirilicious

    Those trousers look too thick to be pajamas. And while they’re certainly “colorful” I love that SJP doesn’t give a sh*t what other people think how she should dress her child. James Wilkie seems to love them.

  • Georgia Lee

    The pants are FLEECE PJ bottoms

  • M-K

    maybe it was PJ day at his school?

  • ava kendall

    I don’t think sarah jessica is pretty but her son is one adorable little boy.

  • Kirsty

    What is the obsession with complaining that his trousers are too short? He looks very happy in these photos and I doubt he cares what length they are.

    It’s lovely to see pics of James and his mum walking about. They always look like they’re having fun.

  • jaden

    pj’s all the way. I miss the days SJP was a fashion icon. What gives?

  • Janie

    That kid needs a hair cut!

  • Lindy

    James is such a cute boy and he looks happy. I think it is wonderful that Sarah and Mattthew spend so much time with him, taking him to school, scooting with him. They have the funds to hire a nanny for all this, but I really admire them taking time from their busy schedule to be with him.
    Everyone make mean comments about what James wear, but his clothes are more in line with what the average child wears. Does anyome comment on what Suri Cruise wear? She is dressed like a doll and she will grow up thinking this is the norm and it is not normal.
    Please leave the Broderick family alone and let them enjoy their normal family life.

  • nora

    Lindy- I am from NYC and the average kid is NOT wearing FLOODS. I do think it is lovely that they spend so much time with their son.

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