Molly Ringwald & Husband Expecting Twins

Actress Molly Ringwald and husband Panio Gianopoulos are expecting twins, reports PEOPLE. The new babies, a boy and a girl, are due in August, and will join big sister Mathilda, 5.

Ringwald, 40, currently plays the anxious mother of a pregnant teen on Disney’s The Secret Life of An American Teenager. A spokesperson for the show says the pregnancy will be written into the storyline.

Photo: Tuukka Jantti,

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  • Valencia

    Having twins use to be rare but now it seems like every other family can produce two babies. Sheesh.

  • ava kendall

    Best wishes I bet mathilda is beyond happy.

  • Anonymous

    it may be a stupid question, but how do they know that’s she’s having a boy and girl at only 2 months?

  • My guess would be, because she is considered “advance maternal age” they did genetic testing, and that tells you the sex, among other things.

  • Pencils

    What kind of genetic testing can they do at two months? I wonder if they only implanted two embryos, a male and a female, and since she’s pregnant with twins, it means they both “took.”

  • meme

    Genetic testing called CVS (Choronic Villi Sampling).

  • gia

    Not saying this is necessarily the case here, but twins are no longer rare (esp. fraternal) because of the rise in IVF.

  • Jessica

    This is one of the times where I believe IVF was used. If the twins are identical then I usually believe they’re natural. But if the celebrity in question is over 40 or close to 40, I’m inclined to believe that IVF was used. For example I don’t think Jennifer Lopez’s twins were natural but I do think Brad and Angelina’s twins are natural (they had no earthly reason to want to be pregnant bad enough for IVF)

  • shirilicious

    Jessica, how do you know that Brangelina had no “earthly reason to be pregnant bad enough for IVF”? They’re a couple who obviously want their children to be close in age, they have stated that they want more children and Angelina said more than once that she loves being pregnant. She was stick thin prior pregnancy and that can cause fertility troubles. Enough reasons for me to believe they did IV.

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