Ben Affleck’s Preschool Pick Up

Ben Affleck picks up his 3-year-old daughter Violet from preschool in Santa Monica, CA on Monday afternoon. Mom, Jennifer Garner, must be at home with 3-week-old Seraphina.

It looks like Ben is trying to shield little Violet from the prying paparazzi with a sweater. What would you do if swarms of photographers were always waiting whenever you and your children left a building?

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  1. Anonymous

    Violet affleck is so adoreable!!! I think it must be hard for celebrity parents to hide their children from the paps.

  2. LuvMyJolie

    Doesnt look like hes trying to hide her actually.. Violet will be a happy child no matter what bcuz im sure she has a happy homelife w/ 2 wonderful parents…

  3. kris

    If that happened to me? I’d have to get out of the buisness, or deal with it. It comes with the job. Although I think this family handles it very well. They are one of my favorites. Very down to earth and Happy.

  4. maggietcu

    The Affleck family are adorable and all, but I am getting a little tired of seeing them pick up Violet every single day.

  5. melanie

    well yeah kris it “comes with the job”, but i’m pretty sure celebrities don’t hope for that or think it’ll get as bad as it does. you still have to feel bad for them.

    idk what i’d do though. i think i might politely ask them to back up a bit and not talk to my kid like ben has done before.

  6. Meg

    you don’t want people taking pictures of you? then don’t live in L.A. it’s that easy

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