Brangelina Touch Down In Tokyo

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children – Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 5, Zahara Marley, 4, Shiloh Nouvel, 2, and fraternal twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 6 months – arrive at Narita International Airport in Tokyo on Tuesday.

The A-List family arrived in Japan to promote their new movies The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Changeling just one day after the SAG awards in Los Angeles. Over the past two weeks, the jet-setting family have been to Paris, Germany, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Click below for more pictures of the Jolie-Pitt family….

Photos: Splash

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  • Gina

    So gorgeous!

  • jaden

    There’s DNA at it’s best! Absolutely gorgeous one just like Brad and one just like Angelina. Look at their eyes! wow!

  • sally

    (((WOWSA))) The whole family is just stunning. Knox in that little cap just knocks me out. lol ..and Viv is just precious.

  • anne

    Variations on a theme, for sure …

  • tess

    they are absolutely adorable. Knox looks like Shiloh and Brad. on the other hand Vivienne looks like Angelina, and she doesn’t look that she has blond hair like Knox and Shiloh, she looks a lot more like her mom. they are very cute and they have very beautiful eyes. Maddox, Pax, and Zahara look great too. and Shiloh is so big.

  • Lala

    The whole family is adorable. I love that Knox has a little hat like his dad.

  • Janie

    Those babies are gorgeous!

  • gw

    vivienne looks so much like her late grandmother. and knox is just too precious! hes a mini version of brad. how cute.

  • They are soo cute!
    Knox is so Brad!

  • ava kendall

    those babies are just too beautiful

  • Amanda

    seeing Shi and the twins and how big Shi has gotten and how beautiful all these children are brought tears to my eyes, they are truly a blessed family and the children are just gorgeous and I can’t believe how big Shi is and how much the twins look like Shi did as a baby with the big squishly lips and cheeks!

  • aubrey madison

    Shiloh is a beauty Vivienne and knox are beautiful babies

  • KDd

    wow! i was so excited to see pictures of the babies. Knox looks a lot like Shiloh did when she was a baby. They are all beautiful

  • sonia

    Shiloh looks chubby and i’m glad the cut the asian boy’s hair. i wish i could see if the combed the black girls hair

  • Kim

    I still think, while there is some Brad in them, that all 3 favor Jon Voight.

    And Pax got a haircut!

  • Rosy J

    It’s so good to see new pics of all the children. I love them so much! How they have grown. All of them are so beautiful.

  • Sara


    Can’t resist.

  • melanie

    WOW! we haven’t seen pics of the kids in quite a while!!! they are sooo big and ADORABLE!

  • Em

    I give props to Brad&Angie. Who wouldn’t look up to these two?? What a beautiful family. Knox looks just like Shiloh when she was a baby, I thought I was getting deju vu all over again hehe 😉

  • Ana

    Wow, this is so cool, I love looking at them. I never realized how much Shiloh looked like Brad until I saw Vivienne, Knox and Shiloh’s head shape is like Brad’s, while Vivienne’s is round like Angelina’s. Vivienne also looks like she got brown hair, but her lips look smaller than Shiloh’s did. Also, Vivienne’s eyes seem a lot bigger and rounder than Knox and Shiloh’s. Gah, I could stare at that whole family for hours. :]

  • Devin

    Nothing that special about their looks.

  • Look how gorgeous all the kids are! I so want to cuddle Knox! And give Shy a big hug because shes a sweetie! Pretty Shy looks like Knox and Vivvy looks so darling and adorable!

  • Carla

    As much as this family is beautiful and I’ve been dying to catch a glimpse of them, it’s quite a “lucky coincidence” that after all these months of flying in private jets and helicopters they’re suddenly using airports like regular people right after both Brad and Angelina have been nominated for oscars. Especially considering the stories that have hit the media lately about Angelina being unpleasant at awards ceremonies. Throw in the fact that Angelina and Brad both have gray blankets in their hands perfect for covering up those twins faces and I’d say we have a very clever PR stunt.

  • The law in Japan states that everyone HAS to pass through the main terminal of the Narita airport. The only exception is for the Emperor and the Royal Family – they’re the only ones to leave the airport directly off the tarmac.

  • Leni

    Poor babies that can’t close their mouthes lol
    Shiloh is still my favorite!

  • Linda

    Considering all that screaming I can understand why the normally travel in private jets. Poor children! It’s bad enough that they take soooo many pictures, but the yelling and screaming?

  • Bee

    Beautiful babies 🙂

  • Julita

    adorable! to be honest i dont notice such differences between Knox and Vivienne as everyone else seems to. They are still just little TWIN babies. But one is for sure – they both look like little Shiloh

  • dlock

    I agree with Devin, I don’t see what the hype is about these babies??!! They look like regular white babies. 🙂 Nothing wrong with that, but everybody keeps saying this because who their parents are, but to be honest, i don’t think angelina and brad are really hot, they are ok, but not hot. I think those babies are really pale, cute babies none the less. God bless this family.

  • Anne

    They are no big deal, Brangelina synchophants are the ones jumping from site to site going on about them. This is a PR stunt, they cannot sell the pictures because of the backlash they got thelast time they sold them so they used them as a PR stunt in the face of those rumours about the book that is goingto come out. Quite cleaver but transparent. Those poor kids, none of them asked to travel this much, am sure they are tired of it. All six of them cannot share Angelina’s whims. It is sad that they are forced to. Brad too seems to just follow where Angelina leads, who will protect these poor babies?

  • Anne

    How did the fans know that Brangelina were coming? I smell PR.

  • Hannah

    The babies look like every other blonde haired and blue-eyed child in this country, I think the older children (Maddox, Pax, Zahara) are more exciting!I still think Zahara’s the cutest! Love her! Maddox is so tall now! I remember when she adopted him, seems like yesterday!

  • Kylie

    LOL they look like little wax figures just staring into space with their mouths open like that. AHHHH sooo cute !!!

  • Leandra

    So suspicious! By law, all passengers must pass through the Airport in Norita. Also, it’s no PR stunt. The last thing huge stars like Brad and Angelina need is MORE publicity. They’re just doing what people do who fly – walking through the airport etc.

  • Lo

    I don’t think the babies are very cute in these pics but I’m glad to finally see them! I hope the have darker hair than Shiloh! But I agree, they don’t look particularly like either parent yet, just generic Caucasian babies right now.

    I luv Maddox’s hat. He and Pax are gonna be handsome heart breakers when they’re older! Am I the only one that sees it?! Zahara’s a little beauty!

    I hope there was more than just Brad and Angelina there to care for that many kids! I’ve taken that flight and I can’t imagine caring for that many kids in a plane for that long!

  • Lioness

    I think Knox actually looks a lot more like Angelina than Brad. And I think the opposite about Vivienne- she has Mom’s eyes, but the bottom half of her face is all Brad. As you all of you have already said, though- both babies look a LOT like Shiloh 🙂 Beautiful, all three of them. I’m glad Pax got a haircut, now you can see his cute face properly (I don’t usually mind the long hair, but his just didn’t suit him). And Maddox and Zahara are just plain GORGEOUS- no other way to describe those two, they got some great genes…

    And oh yeah, I agree- this was DEFINITELY a PR stunt. All this time no pics of any of them, and then BAM, all of them all at once, just like that? You’re wrong Leandra- ahead of the Oscars, this type of publicity is EXACTLY what they are looking for. At any rate, I’m glad to have seen a recent picture of the babies- thanx CBScoop!!

  • The people who claim to hate them so much are just as, sometimes even more so, OBSSESSED with them than those who absolutely ‘LOVE’ them… They purposefully seek out articles and pictures aboput them, berate them, scour their pictures for the most inconspicuous detail and then make long declarations about how they can’t stand them because of the way they walk/talk/breathe/exist… SMDH

    The babies are cute as are most (not all) babies, the kids are so big. The video is scary though, the babies look so scared. They look healthy and happy and what more do kids really need except for parents who love, care for them and protect them?

  • So what?

    So what? They should close the public airports down for them. Face it, the photographers live at airports – the big international ones- just to get ready for the money making pictures that we all obviously watch for. This couple doesn’t need kids for publicitiy. Their name and faces buy allthey need.

    This was just a lucky photographer..

  • mel

    knox = shiloh = brad.

    viv = angelina = jon voight.

    loooooove pax.

  • kati

    OMG! What a beautiful family! I could stare at the photos for hours! All the children look so adorable but especially the twins are soooo ADORABLE! Knox looks exactly like his dad and big sister Shiloh when she was a baby. And Knox looks really cute in that hat! Definitely a mini version of dad! They both have those beautiful blue eyes and mum´s mouth. But their mouths are smaller than Shi´s was when she was a baby. Shi has grown up so much. She is like a little angel and that blond hair is just adorable. Mad and Pax both have also grown a lot. Pax is a big boy now and looks really grown up with that new haircut. Mad is really cute wearing that winter hat. It suits him well. He sure is a loving big bro to all his siblings. All that attention sure is overwhelming for the twins. Their big eyes say more than thousand words. They´re obviously very startled by all those flashlights. But the older they get they will be like their siblings are. Ignoring them. Zahara already is. Her look in these photos says: ” I don´t give a d*** about you, guys!”. She too looks absolutely adorable. She´ll sure be a model one day. What a beauty!

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