Maura West & Husband Expecting Fifth Child

As The World Turns actress Maura West, 36, is expecting her fifth child. One of her co-stars tells The Suds Report, that “she’s over the moon” with the news.

Her husband and former costar Scott DeFreitas are also parents to Joseph, 9, Katherine, 7, and Basil, 2. Maura also has a son Benjamin, 12, from a previous relationship. No word yet on whether the pregnancy will be written into the show.

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  • I love her! I had no idea she had so many kids, though.

    I wonder if they’ll write it in… hm. So many possibilities! 😉

    Congrats to them.

  • anne

    Very happy for them … and will be glad to see Maura looking like her old healthy self again on the show!

  • yen

    She must be starting to show, because they’ve had her dressed in head to toe black lately, and they’ve only been showing her from her shoulders up.

    I think it would be delicious if she slept with Craig and got pregnant. Then maybe Craig would lose interest in Johnny and Dusty could sweep in and he and Lucy could ride off into the sunset and quit irritating the crap out of me.

    Oh, and Jack’s head would explode, which would also be pretty great!
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  • Potash321

    Yeah she looking some healthy.
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  • Johansir

    congrats maura and family. Oh this really could be sweet story to come watch out holden and lily or even her and craig would be interesting maybe that would take his attention away from vennie testking 640-863.

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