Violet Affleck’s Delightful Dimples

Violet Affleck, 3-year-old daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, was picked up from preschool by her nanny on Tuesday.

Big sister Violet sure is getting big these days! We can’t wait to see pictures of baby sister Seraphina Rose Elizabeth soon.

Photos: DANIELLE/ / Fame

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  1. kdb

    hmmm… makes sense now! garner was always carrying violet, even up until the end of her pregnancy –

    the three year old is still sucking a pacifier and drinking from a sippy cup…

    ah! she’s cute as a button though!

  2. shirilicious

    kdb, I was thinking the same.. She is a beautiful girl but sippy cup and pacifier(!) are definitely leaving their marks on her teeth. And the poor nanny has to carry Violet around as well, who is quite tall for her age.

  3. coco

    i can’t imagine what people would say if she were suri…..
    pacifier at 3? sure Ben and Jen are MUCH better parents the cruise…..

  4. Theresa

    yep have to agee with you all…sippy cup…pacy…gotta go…time!

  5. Rosy J

    Such a beautiful child. So adorable.

  6. Dana

    My son (now 11) had his pacifier until he was nearly 4 and has no ill effects. She will get rid of it when she’s ready. He also had no effect on his teeth whatsoever and will not need braces. She’ll be just fine.

  7. Kylie

    Ok the pacifier I agree has gotta go, but what is wrong with a sippy cup??? At least it’s not a bottle..

  8. Carla

    It’s just regression. It’s very common for an older child around that age (3 or 4 years old) to regress to using pacifiers when a new baby arrives. We haven’t seen Violet with a pacifier for what? A year and a half? And we see pictures of her every week in the media. The pacifier has made a return because of Seraphina. This phase was pass soon enough.

  9. Anonymous

    My daughter is 4 and we use a sippy cup when we are about to get in the car. Sorry! Just don’t quite trust her with a cup and no lid in a moving vehicle yet…

  10. Dea

    If those dimples are any deeper, you can scoop an ice-cream into it! How adorable!. Yeah, I agree with sippy cup, the only time I give my son (2 years old) a sippy cup is when he is in a moving vehicle..

  11. Jamie

    Darling dimples but terrible teeth. I mean, jeez! It’s ruining her beautiful smile…

  12. Lucia

    I broke my daughter of the pacy habit when she was nearing her second birthday. Now that she has a baby brother, she uses one again because she is jealous, and if she does not have her own, she steals her brothers right out of his mouth. We’re working on getting it away from her, but with a three year old and a newborn, sometimes you just have to pick your battles.

    And sometimes kids just have gaps in their teeth. it may have nothing to do with the pacy and sippy cup at all.

  13. Rachel

    I don’t see why so many people worry about how others raise there kids she is a happy healthy little girl who will be just fine why rush children in to anything I would rather my child stay a child then do what some kids are doing now a days. Plus if her teeth are messed up I’m pretty sure her parents could own a dentist…:) It’s just comfort and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  14. Joey

    I wonder, what is the name of the preschool they ( celebrity’s kids) in Santa Monica. Anyone know it?

    Violet is so preety… Love her…

  15. Allie

    Violet goes to First Presbyterian Nursery School in Santa Monica

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