Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Husband Expecting Third Child

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is expecting her third child with husband Tim, she announced this morning on The View.

“I’m pregnant again! I’m due in August. I’ll try to pop this one out before we leave [on summer hiatus], Barbara,” she joked.

The 31-year-old revealed that the baby was a surprise – she assumed she’d just been tired from all the excitement of the election. “No – I was knocked up and didn’t realize it! We were thoroughly happy with the surprise of it. I didn’t even know for two months.”

Elizabeth and Tim, 30, are already parents to 3-year-old daughter Grace and 14-month-old son Taylor. Click here to watch the video of Elizabeth sharing her happy news on The View this morning.

Photo: Fame 1/8/09

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  • e

    AW love her.. i know some people hate her but i love her for not being afraid to speak her mind when most people disagree with her.. yay elisabeth! Love ya!

  • melanie

    ohh this woman..lol congrats though!

  • Rinoa

    I can’t stand her “views” but congrats to her nonetheless! I had to laugh when I heard this because just yesterday my sister was saying how Elisabeth looked like she was gaining some weight. I guess now we know why!

  • Anonymous

    seriously, how can you be “surprised” at finding out? if you are having vaginal intercourse and he is ejaculating into you without a condom and no other contraception, then why act all cutesy like your 16 and virginal like Mary. come on people!!

  • Cee

    I despise her for not knowing when to shut up. She is so aggravating. I am so glad Whoopi and that Barbara chic never let her finish her sentences.

  • Rinoa

    She said she was surprised because in the past, she had difficulty getting pregnant. Apparently she couldn’t get pregnant without an intervention of some sort. So I guess when she got pregnant naturally, she was surprised.

  • Lindsay

    And some people DO get pregnant while using contraception. Nothing is 100% fail-safe. I know lots of people who have been “suprised” that way.

  • Lucia

    There is a difference between being conservative and not knowing when to shut up. She argues because she is the only one who has her point of view, even though about half of the nation agrees with her. She stands up for herself and I admire her for it, even though I do not always agree with her.

    Regardless of who wins elections, half of the nation is republican and half is democrat. Grow up and recognize that people are not stupid just because you are liberal and they are not.

  • Rach

    Wow, Anon, thanks for the graphic description. None of us were exactly sure how babies are made before you posted.

    Would a married mother of two with celebrity status seriously be trying to convince millions of viewers that she is a cutesy 16 year old or the Virgin Mary? For real.

    She used the word surprised very casually. It isn’t like she went on and on saying she doesn’t know how it could have happened. She said she was pregnant for two months without knowing it…that would definitely surprise me!

  • Anonymous

    it wasn’t a *graphic* description, it was just the facts of physiology…also, you’d think that since she was pregnant TWICE not that long ago it wouldn’t take 2 months to figure out what was going on…just saying….it makes for a better “story” for her to tell on the View though so I’m sure half of it was over-elaborated

  • Lucia

    I have two kids, and I didn’t know I was pregnant with my until I was almost three months. My husband and I, while we were not being especially careful to prevent pregnancy, were not trying for another baby. My periods were never regular, so it was not a shock to go two months without having one. So it came as kind of a shock.

    The shock is not necessarily that you were pregnant, it is that you were that pregnant without realizing it.

    It happens all the time.

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