Kevin Federline’s Family Vacation

Kevin Federline invited his girlfriend, volleyball player Victoria Prince along for a family vacation with all four of his children in the mountains of Northern California last week.

Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, along with Kevin’s two other children with actress Shar Jackson, Kori, 6 1/2, and Kaleb, 4 1/2, enjoyed sleigh riding and playing in the snow.

Prince, 26, shares a birthday with Kevin’s ex-wife Britney Spears (Dec. 2nd), and has a bachelor of arts in speech.

Photos: Fame

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  1. Jess

    WOW Kaleb got really big! And i really wish we were able to see Kori’s beautiful face =/

  2. melanie

    its soo great to see shar’s kids!!! they are adorable, and i waonder how victoria feels about becoming like an instant mother of four?

  3. Anonymous

    Honestly, what is so alluring about this man? He is not even out of his twenties and he has four children, by two different mothers-both of whom are drama queens. He dresses like a thug and he is famous through no effort of his own. I will praise him for being a source of stability to they little boys over the last few years, but I pity any woman who thinks she can get involved with him and keep from becoming just another of his babies’ mamas.

  4. Peta

    I don’t get the appeal either, Anon. He must have a sterling silver tongue.

    Which there was a better photo of Kaleb and Kori, but what to do. 🙂

  5. gia

    It looks like he is wearing a fat suit! He has gained so much weight…this guy used to be a dancer & a model! He has really let himself go in the physique department.

  6. Leandra

    Britney was heartbroken about this, another woman spending the weekend with her kids. I think I might be too…..

  7. Sarah

    He’s actually about to hit 31. Hey it’s beside the point, although I do give him credit for doing his job. He seems like a doting father. I don’t understand why people have to be so judge mental these days.

  8. Lioness

    Whyyyy do they cut Kaleb’s hair like that?? It was bad in 1993, and it’s bad now. Wish they would give that boy a better haircut, from day one they’ve done him wrong in the hair dept., lol… Anyway, it’s good to see Shar’s kids, they’re beautiful, though I wish there was a better picture. And Preston and Jayden are cute as always…

  9. JennyLoo

    Wow Kevin’s new girlfriend has the same Birthday as Brittney! Thats weird… poor Brittney. Then again she was the one who wanted a divorce so she has to be prepaired for this type of a thing. Just like Kevin will have to deal with a step daddy for his boys one day.

  10. melanie

    i don’t feel sorry for either of them, this happens everday to people we all know. the only exception is fame

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