The Price-Andre Family Relocate To LA

Look out America, Katie and Peter are moving in! Peter Andre and Katie Price, one of Britain’s most famous celebrity couples, land in Los Angeles with their children, 6-year-old Harvey (in white shirt), 3-year-old Junior (red t-shirt) and 1 1/2-year-old Princess Tiammii (in pink).

The family are re-locating to LA for at least three months in an attempt to build up Peter’s music career in the US. Peter currently produces music in the genres of pop, R&B and reggae.

Click below for more pictures of the Price-Andre family landing in America…

Photos: Flynet / Pacific Coast News / Fame

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  1. Rach

    Good to know the circus is in town.

  2. Sam

    They are one freaky looking family, they need to lay off the fake tans 🙁

  3. Eleonora

    “The circus is in town”

    Ah ah Rach

  4. Dea

    Aww guys, dont blame the kids..they are only with the parents because they have no choice. I would run away from home if I have a mom like her..

  5. coco

    why is the oldest in a wheel chair?

  6. Peta

    @ Coco – I think he’s severely mentally and physically disabled. I don’t remember what medical term, though.

  7. dlock

    Its fuunny cuz, I alwauys think of them as the bootleg Beckham’s. lol He’s trying to build up his music career, n he’s produces music in r&b, reggae, and pop. lmao 😀 This must be some sort of joke. Poor kids.

  8. antigoniem

    Harvey lost a lot of wieght. Yay for that.
    @ dlock, I agree.

  9. LaKesha

    Wonderful family…what other Celebrity family is proud of all of their children, without regard to a child’s disability. I applaud Peter and Katie for the care they have given their children…just look at Harvey.

  10. Ana

    I just don´t like them. Just Junior and Harvey are cute. Princess will not be a beautiful girl.

    I´d be totally unhappy with these parents! They freak me out!

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