Katie & Peter Take Harvey To Junior Blind Of America

Katie Price and Peter Andre, who just relocated their family to LA, took their 6-year-old son Harvey to the Junior Blind of America in Los Angeles. They brought a camera crew along.

Harvey was born blind, having a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia, meaning that his optic nerve was unpredictable. As he has matured, Katie and Peter discovered that he is on the autistic spectrum, gains weight easily, and finds walking difficult.

Photos: CHRIS/GABO/bauergriffinonline.com

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  • Lala

    these two are obviously publicity wh*res but I think you can honestly see the love they have for her kid. Even though it’s not even his kid, it never looks like they exclude him from anything.

  • Jess

    They seem like doting parents. Who cares what you think about them!!

  • tay

    this is absolutely repulsive… yes, lets exploit our special needs child with a camera crew.. and film his special sessions… I am beyond disgusted by these 2 and think they should be ashamed of themselves! UGH

  • Pencils

    Maybe they’re exploiting him, but at least they’re not hiding him, they’re not ashamed of him. He’s part of the family. And maybe this film will help other families with kids with special needs.

  • Lucia

    Did you ever think that they brought the camera along perhaps to raise awareness for his disabilities, not to exploit him and bring attention to himself?

    I am so sick of so many commenters jumping to conclusions that every celebrity is a horrible person.

  • LaKesha

    How does one exploit a child by taking them to a center to receive care for a disability? Should they never leave the house with this child? Peter and Katie are doing a wonderful job with this boy. Just look at how much he has improved in the last year. He’s walking!

  • I think it’s great that they always have their children with them instead of leaving them home with nannies most of the time. I don’t consider this exploitation.

  • Janie

    Who are these people?

  • special education teacher

    yes, who are these people?

    the little boy is ADORABLE! he’s too cute, and kudos to the parents for doing this. i don’t consider it to be exploitation

  • tay

    they’re exploiting him b/c they’re FILMING this private moment which should just be him, his parents and a doctor or whomever he is going to see… I doubt they’re documenting this for good- but rather filming it for their reality show.. Great that he is getting care but TERRIBLE they’re (most likely) planning to include this in their show for their own benefit.

  • LaKesha

    How does this benefit the parents, except to show that they are parents of a disabled child for whom they seek care? Does anyone doubt that they are good parents?

  • RW

    I would be inclined to think that drawing awareness for parents with children with disabilities is the farthest thing from their minds. This is one of maybe 2 times we’ve seen these parents even out with Harvey. We’ve seen a lot more pictures of their younger children. Also, what mother…I don’t care how fashionable or famous…goes to visit their child’s school and potential parents in that type of outfit. It’s inappropriate. Period.

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