Princess Tiaamii In Her Princess Outfit

Katie Price (a.k.a. Jordan) and Peter Andre’s 1 1/2-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii plays the part in a pink princess outfit as she and her brother Junior, 3, are walked to their new school in Los Angeles. Katie and Peter were also just seen taking their 6-year-old son Harvey to Junior Blind of America in LA.

Jordan is a former English model and television personality. Her personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids. Peter Andre is is an English-born Australian singer-songwriter and television personality.

The British family has recently relocated to LA in an attempt to build up Peter’s music career in the US.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Callie

    That little boy has highlights in his hair? WTF?! They are one big bowl of crazy family.

  2. JennyLoo

    LOL I agree, they are one big bowl of crazy. I just can’t help but feel like every move they make is for the benefit of themselves and their “careers”. Like the British version of the Lohans. haha

  3. Rinoa

    I like Jordan’s outfit! And Princess Tiaamii is quite adorable.

  4. Lucia

    Where do you see the highlights?

  5. martine

    i’m sorry, but she is an odd looking child… perhaps she will become a cute child but for now- call a spade a spade- she is weird looking…

  6. Jess

    Didn’t Jolie’s kids have highlights as well? I don’t see most people criticizing her..

    Anyways both children favor their father!

  7. antigoniem

    Princess is growing into her looks.

  8. melanie

    i agree matine 😉

    i feel like they’re trying to be the new beckhams’, w/the whole moving over here and things…

  9. Leandra

    So what the little boy has highlights?! It’s only hair for heaven’s sake…can never understand why people get all weirded out over such a minor thing. The little girl is adorable. Those great big eyes. Like someone else said, she will grow into her looks.

  10. LuvMyJolie

    They are a nice looking family, Princess isnt weird looking she just looks diff than what is normally called pretty shalll I say but I still think shes a cute baby… and SO freakin WHAT if Junior has highlight, its not 1946 or something, kids go thru different stages and wanting to do something so minor as putting a little streak in their hair will not kill them.. His hair is actually cute.. and The Jolie boys had green hair! So what their kids let them have fun!!!

  11. Antineah

    I find princess gorgeous, i love her outfit too.

  12. Vivi

    I’m not a follower of Katie’s carrier, but I quite like what I see on pictures of her family. I mean, they all seem very loving and happy. And that little girl is tall and looks like a very good walker for her age!!! I know few 18mths olds who don’t walk at all!

  13. ashley

    Who are these people? I have never heard of her let alone her a.k.a..the daughter looks like her dad but with the mom’s coloring..she is kind of odd looking, does she have a hair lip?

  14. ashley

    and vivi i just read your comment..what kids do you know that arent walking by 18 months?? That is not normal at all…so I think she is probably right on schedule..

  15. kris

    My son walked at 10 months!…. The hair highlights are really no big deal at all!…… They are an attention getting family, who tan way to much 🙂 but so what, so are so many other in the buisness…….. And yes that little one is funny looking! But she’s still cute in her own way, and she’s way to little to tell.

  16. Danielle

    Vivi your right, lots of children don’t walk that well at 18mths. My two that I nanny for didn’t walk at all till 18mths. A friends boy down the road has just walked at 18mths. Another friend’s was 16mths. But there are also kids who walk at 9 or 10mths. Apparently it’s better if they walk after 12mths, for their bones that is.
    Anyways. I have always though she was an unusal looking child to me, Junior is a cutey. Don’t agree with highlights at all with children, whoever does them! Ridiculous. And probably not good for their health. What about teaching children about being happy with the way they were born. Plenty of time for adult stuff like dying hair and piercings and all, later on.
    But no suprise with plastics as his parents, Peter and Katie look darker than Harvey most of the time!

  17. Tonie Blackmore

    Guys u shouldn’t realy be sayin that children are ugly its just not right!!! Princess is gorgeous!!! Go slag off someone your own age instead of pickin on a toddler!!!

  18. Tonie Blackmore

    Guys u shouldn’t realy be sayin that children are ugly its just not right!!! Princess is gorgeous!!! Go slag off someone your own age instead of pickin on a toddler!!!

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