Cate Blanchett Soaks Up Her Sons

Australian actress Cate Blanchett, husband Andrew Upton and their children Dashiell, 7, Roman, 4 1/2, and Ignatius ‘Iggy’, 9 months play at a local park in Hunters Hill nearby their home in Sydney, Australia on Sunday. Afterwards the family headed to a local cafe for an outdoor lunch.

The Oscar winner hasn’t ruled out more babies, “Who knows? Don’t close those doors. The world is very overpopulated, but we do make nice ones. They all look like Andrew. To say he has dominant genes would be an understatement.”


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  • anne

    Yayyyyyyyyy!!! What a superlative couple at the head of *this* family. (And thanks for the breather, however brief, from the Trio in Rio ~ )

  • melanie

    they’re a cute fam! the boys are all matching, adorable! and i looove the name dashiell too!

  • Aw, these are great pics! I just love Cate Blanchett, she always seems smart and down-to-earth.

  • Anonymous

    Cate in Gabby Babble

    She said: “The world is so massively overpopulated, but if you’re halfway decent-looking and you make nice ones, then I think it’s probably your responsibility to make more. That’s why we just have to have more of them!”
    What a vain person!!!

  • Allie

    I don’t agree with you. She said that but I don’t consider that being vain. Parents always think their kids are the cutest and that doesn’t make them vain or arrogant. It’s a natural thing.

  • gia

    I think its adorable that she is so lovely looking & her husband is the complete opposite, but she finds him totally attractive. As far as overpopulating, 3 “nice” ones are more than enough.

  • anne

    Her comment about the responsibility to make more nice/cute ones? Gee whiz, guys, it’s called hyperbole. CB is well known to the press as a force-fields-up interviewee. Her quote here is a blithe sort of exaggeration, something she often does as a deflecting tactic. All in one, she’s: accepting a compliment; answering a question, but only to a point; setting the boundaries of her privacy while being a cooperative and pleasant interview; and managing to be light and yet a little bit provocative at the same time. Other celebrities should take heed — this is how it’s done!

  • Dane

    Vain? What kind of parent would think their kid isn’t cute in the first place? Besides, you’re taking the quote far too seriously. I agree with Anne’s comment.

  • Hannah

    She was obviously just being cheeky. She’s an articulate, intelligent woman who’s known to be witty in interviews. Why would she say something like that in a serious context? I thought it was a very sweet tongue-in-cheek thing to say. Jeez why does everything have to be taken so seriously?

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