Harvey Is All Smiles @ School

Katie Price takes her 6-year-old son Harvey to the Junior Blind of America school in Los Angeles on Friday.

The Price-Andre family just re-located to LA for at least three months in an attempt to build up Peter’s music career in the US. Peter currently produces music in the genres of pop, R&B and reggae.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Vivi

    People can tell whatever they want to, but she must be doing something right!

  • Jess

    I agree. She seems like a doting mother! I give her all the credit for that.

  • MDD

    It’s lovely to see Harvey smiling and walking… Bless him…

  • m

    I love this website but can you pls stop posting on this piece of trash woman.. Really… she contributes nothing to society and is just a total famewh*re and it’s ruining your usually lovely and entertaining site..

  • Kaykay

    #4, if she’s a good mom, why shouldn’t she deserve to be on this website? There are worse attention whores out there in the media. Stop picking on this women for Christ sake. She is doing her job, and that’s all we should judge!

  • M…

    I agree Katie is nothing fabulous however she seems to be a great mother….considering Harvey’s condition she takes him everywhere like the rest of her kids and she seems to enjoy it!

  • Tab

    Harvey seems to have lost alot of weight in the last year. It is great to see him walking and looking so happy. She is really great with him.

  • Rach

    How many different combinations of leggings, boots, and oversized shirts can one woman have in her wardrobe in a week? I guess we can at least thank her for covering her skin-tight crotch today.

  • Kate

    Her skin-tight crotch?! What does that mean?

  • Rach

    The two previous posts showcased skin tight pants on her crotch! She can show off her killer bod without all that. Especially to her children’s schools….

  • Dea

    Yeah, imagine her going to PTA meetings with that outfit..watch the dads’ faces drop during meetings LOL!!

  • Lucia

    You guys judge people for wearing too baggy of clothes, now you are judging them for wearing too tight clothes?

    Apparently celebrities can’t win.

  • Carla

    I saw a video of Katie and Harvey on x17online. She comes to school in the afternoon to collect him and as soon as she comes near him his whole face lights up and he is so happy. No matter what anyone wants to say about this woman – how she dresses or what makes her famous etc…she is certainly a good mother. It must take an incredible amount of patience for her to do what she does with Harvey. I think she is a good role model as a parent. Having a child with a disability doesn’t mean your life is over and you have to lock yourself and your child away. Having a child with a disability doesn’t mean you can’t wear skin tight clothing. I actually think she sets a good example.

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