M.I.A. Braves The Red Carpet On Her Due Date

M.I.A and her fiancé Benjamin Brewer, lead singer and guitarist of The Exit, were photographed at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards yesterday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Yesterday was M.I.A.’s due date.


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  • Lala

    I like her and her music, but it looks like she is ready to lay an egg in these pics, or she has to go pee 😀

  • stephanie

    Why is she always leaning over in every single picture? I want to grab her shoulders and tell her to stand up straight.

  • Hannah

    I LOVE M.I.A!! I thought it was awesome that she came to the Grammy’s (and performed!) at 9months!! Woo hooray for the pregnant chicks! 🙂 My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with her music, I put it on and she’ll dance for hours!

  • ariel

    Awww, no pictures from her performance?? I was looking forward to seeing those too!

    Love M.I.A!!! She most certainly rocked it last night!

  • Sanja

    I bet she was hoping that all that jumping will start labor, lol! She must be ready for that baby to come out.

  • EmmaLeigh

    I like her dress it has alot of personality!! ariel there is performance pics on the people baby site. Now that outfit I think was crazy.

  • Moore

    Her outfits were crazy. I had no idea what to expect. I read that she started having contractions when the show started and may have gone into labor already.

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