Gretchen & Ptolemy Go Strollin’ In NYC

Gretchen Mol was seen going for a stroll with her 17-month-old son Ptolemy Williams in the West Village, NYC.

The 36-year-old actress is currently playing Annie in the ABC series Life on Mars.

Photo: Splash

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  • melanie

    can someone explain to me how to pronounce his name?

  • Peta

    Sure! It’s pronounced Toh-lemy. A hard ‘toh’, not a soft one. 🙂

  • Darya

    What a ridiculous name to give a child. This is going to go over well when he starts school.

  • shirilicious

    And why exactly is Ptolemy a ridiculous name, Darya? Because you have never heard before? According to your logic re starting school, should we all give our children names like Jane and Joe? Because that would be a ridiculous statement.

  • Peta

    I don’t think it’s any more ridiculous than some hare-brained monikers some celebrities give their children. At least it’s an actual name that’s been around since Greco-Roman times, and not something nonsensical and ‘star worthy’.

  • Becca

    I like the name, it sounds nice when you say it.

  • Sophie B

    Another celebrity Mom pushing around a toddler with a pacifier! Why?? These kids will have speech delays, dental issues and even speech impediments, all facts! I guess they have the money to fix it so why would they care! He is a cute kid too

  • Rinoa

    Oh let’s get over the pacifier issue. They are not your kids, so why do you care? It’s not child abuse and yes, there is some evidence to suggest that some babies with extended uses of pacifiers have some speech issues, but please, get over it. We have no idea how often these babies are using pacifiers. For all we know, they never use them while at home.

    I really should just stop reading the comments on this site. Everyone is so judgmental of others…

  • MK

    Ptolemy, I think, is a really cool name. It’s very historic and has a great histoy behind it. The Ptolemy’s ruled Egypt for a long time.

    Maybe she has some Egyptian in her heritage, I don’t know but I like it.

  • melanie

    thanks peta! :), i’m still confused lol TOH-lemy..?

  • Peta

    Sure thing, Melanie! Hmm….maybe I can find a site with an audio clip on how to pronounce it.

    Ah, here we go!:

  • Peta

    As for the pacifier issue: My mother never used one on me, so I don’t know when’s the right age to take it away or what the benefits/setbacks are to using one past age 1.

  • melanie

    haha THANKS again peta!!!

    …and i think when the child i ready to give the binky up they will. but after the 3rd birthday u might want to stop, if they let you lol.

  • CRHF

    ptolemy is an amazing name, no comparison with these hollywood names (i.e, princess tiammii, sparrow, zuma) and it’s a very historical name, i’m sure it will attract people in the future instead of isolating him. really, if the person has a good personality, kids don’t care about names, trust me.

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