Halle Berry On Motherhood: “I Thought I Knew Love Before”

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry graces the March cover of ESSENCE magazine. The mother of 10-month-old Nahla just wrapped her latest movie, Frankie and Alice. The 42-year-old opens up about her partnership with Gabriel Aubry, her career choices now that she’s a mom, and how she’s going bald for an upcoming role.

On the joy of motherhood: “When I looked at the stick and saw I was pregnant … I was so happy.” Halle adds, “I thought I knew love before, but I never knew anything like this.”

On her partnership with model Gabriel Aubry: “I tried Black men. I tried,” she jokes in a mock southern accent. “I married two Black men. You know I tried.” She laughs again before clarifying that “I don’t hold all Black males responsible because of the two bad eggs I got. I even dated Black men after my last divorce, but this is just where I found love.” The 42-year-old actress went on to say, “I feel more married now than I did in any of my actual marriages. We live the truth of that and that’s more important than a piece of paper.”

On continuing on with her red-hot Hollywood career: “A film has to be really special for me to leave the house. I have to love it. I mean really, really love it.” The Oscar winner went on to say, “I don’t want my daughter to look back at my work and think, ‘Mom sold out,’ ” she says. “I want to leave a legacy that she can be proud of.”

On going bald for a role: “I am shaving it off,” she says. “I know. Here comes the controversy, but I have to do it for the role and it will grow back—I hope.”

On her longevity in Hollywood: “Setbacks energize me. They make me realize that I have more work to do.”

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  1. melanie

    i think halle is so real and GREAT! and i hope her hair grows back haha

  2. ivy

    i wonder why she feels like she has to justify dating a white man.

  3. Katrina

    Im sure alot of people give her a hard time, most especially family.

  4. ivy

    well her mom’s white and she doesnt talk to her dad’s side.

  5. Peta

    Quite a lot of blogs and their commenters have vilified Halle for dating a white man. Not that it’s any of their business who she falls in love with, but the most ignorant blogs branded her a sell-out.

    Forget the haters. She happy where she is and she shouldn’t feel the need to justify it.

  6. melanie

    trust me ivy, you have to justify it.

    being an african american wife to a white man, i get dirty looks, whispers and even worse, my kids are examined. trust me, other african americans and even some caucasion people want questions. people just aren’t as accepting as i wish they would be but ya know, they have their opinions and i have mine. so i applaud halle.

  7. dlock

    My mom is mixed and she married a black man my father. My mom is like halle berry, her mother is white dad is black. But my grandmother never really knew her side of the family so nor did my mom n her siblings. In this case my mom says, she identifies more with blacks than whites, but recognizes both sides. But when people see my aunts and uncles they don’t see white they see black. It all depends on your expierences in life, I think you should be able to date whomever you wish.

  8. gia

    Doesnt she mostly wear extensions & stuff anyway, so it doesnt really matter how her hair grows back…. I think its great she is actually shaving her head & not wearing a lame fake skull cap…I have shaved my head a few times & I love it how it feels. It also seems to grow back slightly thicker, an added benefit.

  9. JustV

    @ gia, i don’t think i ever saw Halle in a wig or with hair extensions. She usually works with what she was born with, perhaps you were thinking about Beyonce or Whitney Houston. I will say that most black women (and probably at least 50% of celebrity black women) don’t use wigs/extensions.
    as far as dating other than black, i think that everyone should be able to find love where it may exist for them.
    i would say that if you now or in the past have consistently attracted/dated/married ‘bad boys’, it may be time to look inward. Anyone may go on one or two dates with a bad apple, but to marry more than one may mean that you are attracted to one or more of their deficiencies.

  10. CM

    Halle wears extensions…she said so herself on access hollywood/ entertainment tonight (one of those shows)..uh i will say that about 75 percent if not more of black women in hollywood wear fake hear (lace front wig, individual extensions, etc) and a lot of white women do as well (britney, christina, etc)…I think its a hollywood thing more than a race thing

  11. melanie

    ^..i think it’s really more of a human thing lol, not just hollywood.

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