Olive Cohen Is A Pink Bundle Of Joy

One-year-old Olive Cohen looked adorable (and cozy) in pink alongside her mother Isla Fisher as they stolled in Central Park. The mother-daughter duo had a playdate in Central Park before they went for a walk in chilly NYC. Dad is Isla’s fiance, Sacha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. Borat).

Isla’s new flick, Confessions of a Shopaholic, opens in theaters this Friday, February 13th.

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  • Becca

    Isla is so pretty, I love these two!

  • Linda

    Has anyone EVER seen this child with her father? Really, Isla seems like a single parent at this point.

  • Sophie B

    She is such a cute little girl but what is it with these Hollywood moms and their toddlers having pacifiers? I have seen more pictures of Olive with her Hispanic nanny (another Hollywood trend it seems!) than with her father. Private or not it is obvious he is not around much unless Mom and nanny are tipping off the paparazzi when they are out!

  • Sophie B

    FYI my issues with pacifiers at this age are that they are linked with speech delays, speech impediments and dental issues, all proven facts and it is a shame that these kids are given them just to keep them quiet!

  • Sanja

    has anyone ever though that Sacha might be -gasp- working during the day when we see Olive and Isla out and about? And Sacha has said that he doesn’t like to be photographed because it takes away from the realism of his characters (like Borat).

    I think olives full name is olive Baron Cohen, since Baron is a second last name and not a middle name for Sacha.

  • Carla

    Sophie B, Olive is only 15 months old. At what age should a child have their pacifier taken away in your opinion?

  • Liyah

    Why wouldn’t it be appropriate for a 15 month old to have a pacifier? LOL that’s a first!

  • Liyah

    And I’m just wondering why people always WONDER about Olive not being photographed with her father. Maybe we just don’t see it?? The paparazzi doesn’t follow into their whole life story ya know..

  • Sophie B

    I am a speech therapist and see kids every day whose parents allowed them long term use of a pacifier, they do not have correct muscle tone, speech is affected due to incorrect placement of their tongue and almost all have a form of lisp. This may not be the case with every child but why take the chance? A pacifier should be only used the first few months and if used longer than that as a so called comfort object then limited to the crib, we have a much greater number of children with speech delays and speech impediments since prolonged use of pacifiers has been more of a trend! I hope this answers all of your questions about pacifiers. Thanks

  • Carla

    Thanks Sophie B for that info. I always believed it was okay to give a child a pacifier up until the age of 2. I wonder why this information is not more widely known.

  • Isla and Olive are both gorgeous!

  • The pink baby bunting is adorable!

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