Rumor: Is Kate Moss 3 Months Pregnant?

Last month we suspected that model Kate Moss was expecting, now UK tabloid The Sun is reporting that she is pregnant and due in August. Supposedly, the actress broke the news to her close pals, who are “sworn to secrecy.”

Moss, 35, and rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince, 39, have been dating since 2007 and are said to be “thrilled.” Recently, Kate has been partying less and was snapped at Movida nightclub this week showing what could be a baby bump. The magazine also says that when Kate started partying a bit too hard at the club, Jamie was overheard telling her to “calm down, especially in your state”.

The magazine claims a source close to the model has told them, “It’s true. Kate is pregnant. She’s overjoyed at the news. She’s past the 12-week stage so she’s telling more and more people. Her friends are delighted for her.”

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Amy

    Well she certainly looks like she has a tiny baby bump in that picture doesn’t she?!?

  2. Rinoa

    She clearly looks pregnant especially because she is always in great shape.

  3. Sanja

    Well, I really, REALLY hope that this is not true:-(

  4. Anonymous

    i hope it’s not true either, because she was seen smoking and drinking not too long ago

  5. Janie

    Is she still doing drugs?

    I just saw a picture of her smoking and drinking!!

  6. Rinoa

    Now I heard that she is denying the pregnancy rumors. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Dea

    Nah, I think it’s just the coke bloat (the NOT gassy kind if you know what I mean)

  8. Hannah

    Apparently she denied being pregnant to New York Magazine (or maybe it was The New Yorker, or The NY Times?). Anyway, I guess she isn’t.

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