Jade Goody’s Sons Prepare For Mum’s Last Days

Jade Goody’s mother Jackiey Budden was spotted taking Jade’s sons, 5-year-old Bobby Jack and 4-year-old Freddie, fitted for suits to wear at their mother’s upcoming wedding to Jack Tweed. Tweed, 21, was recently given an early release from prison despite being jailed for 18 months last September for attacking a teenager with a golf club. The following day, Jackiey was pictured taking Bobby Jack and Freddie to visit their mother in hospital.

Jade, 27, just received devastating news last week that she is terminally ill and only has a few months to live. Jade’s friend and publicist Max Clifford confirmed the news: “She was informed yesterday that tragically, she’s terminally ill. She was obviously devastated.”

Clifford went on to confirm that Goody and Tweed plan to wed this weekend: “I spoke to Jade last night and it is all on for Sunday.” Clifford added that Jade is excited about the upcoming nuptials: “I’m hoping I will have the strength to walk on my big day. It would be so cruel to be robbed of that one last thing as well,” Goody said.

Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August, which has since spread to her liver, bowels and groin.

Our hearts go out to Jade and her boys during this difficult time.

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Oh wow…this is so awful. How on earth has she explained this to her boys? So sad…


This is so sad… keeping up with her story has seemed like a soap opera… My heart goes out to her and her family. ;(


I can’t even imagine. This is so sad. To not see your young sons grow up. My heart goes out to her and her family.


How devastating & heartbreaking..I always hopefully thought that she was going to get through this & beat her cancer, she looked so great in those recent beach photos…so much sadness.


oh my gosh! i didn’t know this! i pray for her and her family, and i hope she’s strong enough to walk down the aisle on her big day. and hopefully tweed is mature enough to raise her boys! this makes me really sad.. 🙁


The boys already have a devoted father (Jeff Brazier) who will be raising them. From what I understand he has always been in the picture and provided for them.

Joyce Mali

It is very encouranging how strong Jade is after the sade news. May God bless her and her sons. I wish I was at that big wedding.

God Bless!


Its sad to hear this news, she has got brave heart, I will pray for her healthy life , I know she will beat this disease, I do not understand why we still believe in god because there nothing of this sort exist in this universe, If god was here we wudnot have to see Jade in this condition or we wud not be writing these comments
God -> no mercy,

Lisa (: