Kate Moss: Denies Pregnancy and Talks Fashion

Kate Moss, cover model of the Spring Fashion 2009 issue of New York Magazine, confirms she is not pregnant and discusses her new fashion line. Her debut Kate Moss for Topshop line was a huge success, which “sold out on the spot.” The new collection will arrive in New York retail stores this coming spring. Take a look at her fresh perspectives:

On pregnancy rumors and her body: “I’ve just started wearing bras. It’s a miracle. Great timing for my lingerie collection. I am a woman now. It’s true. Honestly, I’ve never worn a bra in my life. Ever! It’s so awful, even my friends are phoning me up and saying, ‘Are you pregnant? And I’m like ‘No! I just put on a couple of pounds and they went in the right place.”

On starting her fashion line: “I’m not a designer. I’ve never been to school or been trained. I can’t draw a dress, really. But I know what I like. I love clothes. I know how clothes should fit and feel. When I go to shoots, stylists would say to me, ‘You really should do something. You should take it another step.’ Now I know what is possible and what we can do, which is a lot. It’s really just making things that I want: the little sundresses that I always wanted, the little bus-stop dresses that I always cut too short and now I can’t wear anymore. Now I make them a couple of inches longer. Even before I started modeling, I was cutting up flares and making miniskirts.”

On designing vs. modeling: “It’s not just turning up and doing a job. Because turning up on a modeling call – I still enjoy it, but it doesn’t get me going.”

By Anh-Chi

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  • gia

    Ummm…people dont think you are pregnant because of your bigger breasts, which dont really look significantly bigger, its your distended, bloated belly that is in question, so I think its safe to say those “couple” of pounds were not gained in the right place.

  • melanie

    lol, JUST started wearing a bra?? seriously,girl? not only is that insane (i started wearing it when i was 12) but it’s kinda gross, to me.

  • Becca

    I just looked at the pics from the shoot, she totally has a flat belly.

  • Sherie

    I think she has a daughter, doesn’t she?
    A girl named lila?

  • Yes – she has a 6-year-old daughter Lila Grace.

  • Dea

    I saw her pic in the other blog she has a flat chest and bloated tummy, unless she is growing breasts in her belly, it definitely not in the right place 🙂

  • Lala

    the pics from the shoot could be airbrushed, I think she is either preggers or not taking care of herself, she def has some kind of bloat going on.

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