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  • melanie

    uhhh, bristol palin, abstinence is NOT unrealistic to all teens. that’s def. a misconception.

  • Rinoa

    It’s unrealistic for most teens, let’s face it. Of course it’s not unrealistic for all teens but no blanket statement like that is true. Overall, I think she has a point.

  • melanie

    she does have a point, but i think it’s a bit disrespectful to those (like me) who werent giving it up in high school. i stayed abstinent until i married at 21, so personally that was a blow lol!

  • Sanja

    I have to agree with Melanie.

    There are many teenagers (I was one) who are aware of the risks sex carries (not just pregnancy, but STDs, emotional responsibility, etc) and decide to wait until they are older, in a stable relationshi, etc.

    But, I also agree with Rinoa:-)

    Many teenagers practice sex, but the vast majority of them uses birth control and are responsible enough to know that they are not ready to have kids (or are not willing to risk STDs).

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