Jennifer Connelly Dishes On Her Favorite Guys

Jennifer was a single mom to her then 4-year-old son Kai when she met Paul Bettany on the set of the 2001 flick. She reveals to Glamour magazine how she knew Paul was “the one.”

“It was something about the way that we were together. He stood out to me as someone singular and rare and beautiful, and I liked the way he was in the world…. I liked the way he was with my son and the way he made me feel.”

Married for 6 years now, Jennifer says she feels very out of touch with the modern dating scene: “It’s been so long since I’ve dated that I don’t understand what’s going on anymore with things like Facebook and MySpace. A friend of mine wrote ‘LOL’ to me the other day. I thought she meant ‘Lord, oh, Lord.'”

The mom of two – she and Paul welcomed son Stellan in 2003 – credits Kai with helping her to tackle some very challenging roles over the years, saying, “I don’t think I would have been able to do the quality work that followed if it hadn’t been for my son. He changed me. He helped me to understand myself and find my place in the world.”

Jennifer’s newest film, He’s Just Not That Into You, is in theaters now.

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  • Becca

    I love JC, glad to see an interview with her

  • Vanessa

    I read this article because I’ve always been a fan of hers, and was interested in seeing “He’s Just Not That Into You” because she says she plays a more light-hearted role than usual, it being a romantic comedy and all. So I saw it, and had to laugh because of all the characters in the movie, she’s the darkest! She spends the whole time crying, yelling or otherwise being suspicious and sullen. Nice try, but you still haven’t played a happy character! 🙂

  • melanie

    i loove her, so gorgeous!

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