The Damons Are Carefree In The Caribbean

Matt Damon was spotted vacationing with his family at an exclusive resort in the Caribbean. Damon was seen playing with daughter Isabella, 2 1/2, whilst wife Luciana and their nanny kept 5-month-old baby Gia Zavala in the shade. Not pictured is 9-year-old big sister Alexia – Luciana’s daughter from a previous relationship.

The 38-year-old actor, screenwriter and producer describes himself as an overly cautious father: “At my house they have a nickname for me. They call me Red Alert. If any of the kids go near anything dangerous, I quickly say, ‘Is she touching that? Watch out for that!'”

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  • Sanja

    And yet another celebrity family with and overweight, black nanny:-(
    It’s such a cliché. Do they put that on the list when they’re hiring a nanny? (Just a pet peeve of mine, since I’m a young, blond averagely attractive nanny).

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever think that maybe she has the qualifications that the family is looking for. Also many hire nannies based on several things age, salary, experience, maturity and maybe young blondes they are afraid of because of the other cliche, that the young blonde nanny may steal the husband away. So young lady think before you speak maybe that’s why you have yet to get an A-list nanny job. It’s not so easy to just become a celebrity nanny!!!
      Just a word of advice from a veteren.

  • shirilicious

    Sanja, it shouldn’t matter what skin or hair colour a nanny has, nor if she’s overweight or not. All that matters is that the parents trust her and that she is good with the kids.
    From a certain point of view I understand what you’re trying to say, that many white families have staff (not only nannies but also other help in the house) usually coming from another race or ethnicity while you don’t see this often vice versa (at least that’s what I read from your statement). But tooting your own horn like this and dissing the Damon’s family nanny isn’t helping to get your point across.

  • Timi

    Isabella is adorable:)

  • d

    must be nice to go from being a barmaid to f**king Matt Damon & having a traveling nanny. Nice work if you can get it…LOL!

  • Becca

    Love Matt Damon, ever since I saw him as Jason Bourne.

  • Sam

    Isabella is as cute as a button!!

  • Sanja

    shirilicious -no that was NOT my point! And I wasn’t ‘tooting my horn’ (don’t know what that means) since I don’t live in the US, so I could hardly work for them anyway.

    I meant that many people seem to be afraid to hire a young, attractive nanny and ask the agency to send them only unattractive, older women, which makes it hard to find a well paying job in the filed.
    It’s like the richer the mother is the more afraid she is that the nanny is going to ‘steal’ her husband away (roles eyes), which no nanny worth her salt would do since it would bury her career.

    This was not so much a comment on the Damons specifically as on the general state in ”nannyhood”. As I’ve said it’s a pet peeve of mine.

  • melanie

    so…sanja, if the agency chooses overweight unattractive nannies…then why specifically black ones?? i don’t think your comment makes much since and you sort of contradicted the first with the second.

    anyhow, this family is ADORABLE! love them

  • Brittney

    isabella really looks like matt doesnt she? im actually surprised with her dark features she got goin’ on there

  • Sanja

    Melanie -the ‘black’ part wasn’t really the point (even though most celebrities have black or Hispanic nannies), but since the nanny in the picture is African American that was the way I described her.

    BTW, where I live there aren’t any black (or any other ‘race’ but caucasian) nannies so I really don’t have an opinion on the fact that most white, rich celebrities have minorities as servants or hired help. That’s a whole other issues and I’d rather not go into it here.

    • Anonymous

      you have a lot to learn…you are very young and immature it seems from your responses, makes me wonder how you conduct yourself on professional nanny interviews…maybe it’s not your look maybe it’s your attitude and immaturity that doesn’t get you the job.
      Instead of having such an ignorant attitude towards nannies of color, you should educate yourself on life first before you can take care of the lives of young children.

  • Romeo Blue

    I agree with d – here’s a young good looking movie star and all he could find to marry was some ugly looking bar maid from Miami – talk about her stepping into sh*t. Is he that hard up? This marriage definitely won’t last.

  • What the….

    I agree with d and Romeo Blue – I heard he met her while filming one of his movies. He probably stopped by some local downtown bar to have a few drinks after filming and she was his bar maid. She eventually got knocked up and he did the right thing and married her. What was he thinking? What a moron. Just like Matthew McConauaghey, they go after ugly minority nobodies and knock them up.

  • LaLa

    I just read the comments from Romeo Blue and What the…. – you forgot Nicolas Cage who found his ugly wife working in a japanese restaurant.

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