Gwen & Zuma Zoom Around LA

Gwen Stefani and her youngest son, 5-month-old Zuma Rossdale, were seen spending some one-on-one time together in LA.

The Stefani-Rossdales have just returned from their European vacation.

Photos: Fame

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I am so not liking those “diaper” pants Gwen is wearing!! Maybe they would be better with casual shoes or trainers & not heels…I think it would be cool if she tried darker hair for awhile, I wonder if she gets sick of having it bleached so much.


She never spends anytime with Kingston anymore. She is ignoring him and it is annoying me now. Its like she has no feelings towards Kingston Anymore. She is becoming like Gavin and ignoring her first born child.


Can she sometimes be natural and not wearing all the time red lipstick and heavy make-up. She has vanity issues for sure. Relax, Gwen. Look at Heidi Klum and other celeb mum who are comfortable without make up in front of paparazzi. Red lipstick is classy thing and you make it trashy….


People leave her alone. Im sure she doesn’t hate her first born or is ignoring him. God forbid she goes out with the little one for a minute. Let’s deal with our own insecurities before judging someone we don’t know. And if she is comfortable in heels, who cares what she wears.


Why do people think that Gavin is ignoring his first child? According to reports, he didn’t even know the child was his until she was almost grown. Also, did anyone stop to think that perhaps he does spend time with that child away from the lime-light? Not everyone relishes public attention.

In addition, we don’t get photos of their lives 24-7. I don’t think it’s fair to say Gwen’s ‘ignoring’ Kingston and lost feelings for him. Honestly, I don’t see how anyone could switch their feelings off for such an adorable boy.