Suri & Family Cruise Around Disney World

We couldn’t resist to show you some more pictures of Suri Cruise and her family with Mickey and the gang! Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes, 14-year-old son Connor, and 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri spent a very special Valentine’s Day at the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Sixteen-year-old big sister Isabella was not with the group.


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  1. leia

    little suri looks gorgeous smiling!

  2. Lora

    where ‘s isabella ? aren’t they living with nicole ?

  3. Twyla

    I’m not a big Suri or Cruise Family Fan, but I LOVE the fact that Katie and Suri both have on the same chipped nail polish!!
    See, she IS a real Mom!!

  4. Sanja

    It’s great to see a picture of Connor:-) He looks so grown up!

    And Suri is as cute as ever.

  5. Bianca

    These are such sweet pictures – Suri looks truly happy and its so lovely to see her dancing barefoot on the grass with Minnie Mouse! I wondered why in the photo used for the Princess Poll it looks like Tom is taking a photo of Cindarella & Suri but has a photographers assistant holding one of those big reflectors. Was this for a photoshoot? Either way though it looks like Suri had fun and that’s all that really matters.

  6. gia

    Suri looks just like her mommy!!

  7. tess

    She’s so cute. love this pics. thanks very much celebrity baby scoop for them.

  8. Janie

    This is the happiest I have ever seen Suri.

    She is a beautiful child!

  9. Gracie

    Adorable! This is the happiest I’ve seen Suri looking in a picture. I love the picture of Suri and


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