Josh Turner: Baby News Left Me Speechless

“I was in town writing songs one day and had been praying for something good to happen,” Josh says. “We did write a song and it wasn’t that great, but when I came home, my wife, Jennifer, and 2-year old son were playing and she told me she was pregnant again. Man, I was speechless! It was like, ‘Wow, we’re doing this again!’”

Josh reports that the whole family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby this summer and says that he feels more confident about parenthood this time around.

“Jennifer talked about little things she’s worried about but I’m like, ‘Hey we’ve been through this before.’ The fundamental things you freaked out about with the first child, I don’t think you’ll freak out about them as much. I’m more prepared for those newborn months, the crying and trying to figure out what’s wrong.”

Those of you with more than 1 child: Was it easier the second time around?

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  • Trix

    Um, no. It was so much harder. My second had colic and I could never find a quiet moment to breast feed so I didn’t breast feed as long as I wanted to.
    Plus, I had forgotten all the sleepless nights and how tired I was all the time, especially since I had a toddler too.
    Now that they are 5 1/2 and 3, they are so much fun..

  • melanie

    i agree w/trix, my second time around i was newly single and it was a bit tricky to handle two little girls by myself. luckily my best friend moved in w/me and helped me and my family helped ALOT too!

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