Brad & Angelina’s Academy Awards Date Night

The couple were dressed to kill as they made their way down the red carpet – Brad in black tie and Angelina in a black strapless Elie Saab gown complete with huge emerald jewels.

So what were the couple’s six kids up to at home while they enjoyed their big night out?

“Throwing spaghetti against the wall,” said Brad on his way into the theater.

Though neither Brad nor Angelina won in their respective categories last night, they seemed happy enough just to be there.

“I like to think of it more as a date,” said Angelina. “We’re very comfortable tonight and just happy to be out and it’s a nice night.”

What did you think of Angelina’s Oscar night style?

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  1. Sanja

    She’s always beautiful. The dress is fabulous and I love the green accessories (green is my favorite colour). But, I wish she didn’t always wear black:-( She was magnificent in that green dress she wore while pregnant, or in that flowery one she wore last year. I thing that all this black makes her look a bit pail and tired.

  2. Jasie

    She looks like jessica rabbit here.

  3. melanie

    nothing special. just a black dress. now that silver and white one behind her is pretty cute.

  4. maria

    piensen lo que piensen los americanos, es la mujer mas maravillosa del mundo. Es la reina.

  5. Anonymous

    same old color and shape and nothing from angelina jolie. you know she took the time to have this measured, selected, tried on, fitted, accessorized, refitted, taken in here and there, etc, etc, etc. if you are going to all that trouble as a career woman, mom of six, wife of brad pitt, yada yada…why not make it something stellar?

  6. Hannah

    That’s lovely and all but I’m soo tired of hearing about these two!!

  7. Baboon

    I can’t stand them. She walked the red carpet thinking she’s the Queen of England, snubbing reporters, regally waving and not a half smile on her face. Please. And the kids are throwing spaghetti on the wall. Oh my. How funny…please. I can’t wait for her to take that long hiatus from Hollywood she’s been talking about for the past 3 years.

  8. LilNick

    It’s a good picture of the two of them( again)
    But I can’t help it but, her dress looks photoshopped on her????

  9. Eva_baby

    Boring. Sorry that is just a plain old black strapless dress. If it were anyone else but Angelina Jolie and the press weren’t so nauseatingly enthralled by every little thing she does, they basically would have had said it was a boring black dress.

  10. Sherry

    I hope they get the “what goes around, comes around” award and Jen is there to see it! Homewrecker. Just like Julia. You KNOW if the men cheated WITH them, they will cheat ON them. Brad and Danny just have to be a little more careful now.

  11. seren getty

    Chill Sherry, chill! I do think karma is already starting to take a little nibble at them – both are looking far older than their years and once their looks are gone the whole “Emperor’s New Clothes” edifice the press have built around them will crumble. I’d want to admire their charity work, if it didn’t seem so much like “buying good publicity” to cover up the infidelity, lies, hypocrisy and a carbon footprint the size of the Sahara (which creates environmental refugees, but never mind losing your home when a Hollywood celebrity can exploit your genuine human suffering for a photo op before flying home to her $40m mansion in a private jet, eh?)!

    I do think the dress is beautiful, though, if a little boring, but the gems are so huge they look unreal, like something out of a child’s dressing up box!

    Yeah, I’m a grouch…

  12. Terry

    I find it interesting that you judge Angelina Jolie as a homewrecker and find that Jennifer Aniston is a saint. It is clear that Jennifer Aniston led Brad Pitt to believe she wanted children and to have a family which was a lie. Jennifer has issues, she could care less about having children because it is all about herself and her work. When you have a selfish individual like Jennifer Aniston, how do you expect someone to still stay married to someone if they clearly do not have or share the same values as you. People need to stop blaming Angelina for the failed marriage of Brad and Jennifer. It is clear that Jennifer has serious issues, she doesn’t even speak to her own mother. Stop the jealousy bashing.

  13. gia

    I think she is gorgeous & I love the dress & accessories, but she is a complete snob & it takes away from her beauty a little. She has an arrogance & an “I am better than you” attitude about her that is off putting.

  14. Hannah

    Terry, it’s funny that you are judging Jennifer Aniston based on things you read in the tabloids. They’re all to blame for what happened to the marriage (not that it’s any of our business in the first place…) and they’re all over-exposed, attention seeking losers. I wouldn’t mind if I never had to read another thing about any of their lives again.

  15. Antineah

    What is funny is that the interested ones have move on, and you are still here cursing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With regard to karma, Brad and Jen formed a couple, now he and Angelina form a family, and you are hoping that a family breaks ……………………
    I hope you don’t have a family yourself, because as you say karma can a b….!

  16. cat

    I would love to see half of you wear that simple black dress and make it look unbelievable like she did. Brad and Jennifer were already getting a divorce when he meet Angelina. She didn’t steal him away for Jennifer. Lets get our stories straight before we go on a rant.

  17. shirilicious

    Looking at their smug faces, they are perfect for each other. I don’t know and I don’t care who stole whom, if any stealing was involved at all and whatnot. No matter where I go, their picture is shoved into my face. It’s tedious.
    cat, almost every woman will look unbelievably good if she has a hair stylist, make-up artist and all their assistants pampering her for hours. And that’s the point, with all the available help she had, this is the best she can do? Snore.

  18. Bee

    Angelina and Brad a re a beautiful couple; And their children… ADORABLE!

  19. monica

    Why do you have to hail one of them and trash the other. Both Jen and Angie are beautyful in their own way. The cheating was done by Brad, so if you have to trash anybody start with him.

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