Michelle Williams: I Won’t Raise Matilda In LA

It’s been a difficult year for Michelle, 28, following the death of her former fiance – and father to her 3-year-old daughter Matilda – Heath Ledger. The Oscar-nominated actress hasn’t worked in 9 months, and while she plans to return to the set soon, she tells the Daily Telegraph that she’s not ready quite yet. “I felt burnt out, I still feel that, but I’m coming back to my wits, little by little. But ultimately I am not yet ready to work.”

A single mom, Michelle admits that the “working mother thing is kind of a fallacy – it’s hard to do both things well.” But, she adds that she worries her life “might end as a pile of dishes” if she doesn’t return some focus to her career soon.

The normally very private actress can often be seen walking through her Brooklyn neighborhood with Matilda in tow. She says that she can’t imagine raising her in Hollywood.

“I wouldn’t raise [Matilda] there. For all the obvious reasons – being the daughter of…. Being an actor’s daughter. It’s a town that’s about one thing and I want her to have options.”

While Michelle dreams of her daughter being a doctor one day, she admits that like most little girls Matilda has a different career pursuit in mind – a cowgirl!

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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I applaud her decision to raise Matilda away from the limelight. I noticed that a lot of children raised in the La/Hollywood environment seem to think that their only career options are the ones carved out by their parents. I hope Michelle gets her wish and Matilda is able to make a choice on her own. If she becomes an actress herself, it will be something she wants and not something that’s expected of her.

I had to grin at Matilda’s current career choice. I wonder what she’ll want to be next week. 🙂


Unlike some hollywood mothers (I said some, not general), Michelle sounds very mature and grounded when it comes to her child. Hollywood can be plastic, superficial and unreal and I can see why she wants to bring up Matilda in a different setting. Kudos to her!


Michelle is full of class and common sense. I applaud her for shielding Matilda from that false sense of reality that is L.A. I wish her and Matilda the best. Love them both!