Brangelina’s Broadway Babes

The recently Oscar-nominated power-couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were spotted with four of their six children at The Little Mermaid on Broadway in New York City. Brad was seen exiting the theatre with Pax, 5, and Shiloh, 2 1/2. Angelina made a quick escape behind them with 7-year-old Maddox and 4-year-old Zahara. Seven month-old twins Knox & Vivienne were not with the family.

We recently saw some great pictures of Angelina with Shiloh and Zahara shopping for NYC apartments in Manhattan’s Washington Heights.

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  • They’re so cute. All of them have grown so much, especially Shi and Z. Z sure does love her blanket. This is a real family. They’re so down to earth unlike Tomkat. Suri’s still wearing a diaper. She’ll be a pampered spoil brat.

  • seren getty

    And yet, the kids don’t look happy to be trawled around in front of the media. Maybe Brad & Angelina should have thought twice before selling out their kids to the highest bidder, because now they’re considered “fair game” by the paps and no young children should have to put up with that to satisfy their parents’ insatisiable lust for attention. “Down to earth” doesn’t live in $40m mansions and travel on private jets whilst being cared for by an army of nannies and security staff!

  • Darya

    These kids are really rarely seen out in public…..six months since we last saw the twins. The money Brad and Angelina made on the baby photos went to charity and better that then the first pap profiting who got the money shots. They do not have an insatiable lust for attention. They’re in New York since one of them is filming there and they just want to take their kids out to see a play like any other parents would. These are generous parents who do good for the poor and suffering….yet are still villified by jealous haters on these web sites.

  • Hannah

    Hah, I love when people pull out the “jealous haters” card. Grow up. If you like them, don’t like them, whatever that’s your choice. We’ve heard everything there is to say about them (good and bad), so let’s move on, please? 🙂

    Beautiful kids!! I can’t believe how big Maddox is. So cute.

  • Tiff

    *Rolls eyes*
    They are great parents, and keep these children very grounded. There not selling out these kids! Wtf? We rarely see them on family outings. It’s always once in a blue moon!

    Love this family. Kids are adorable. And Shi is a little nose picker 🙂

  • Sissy

    They actually gave all the money to a charitable foundation, their own. Hhhhhmmmmm. Simpy clever. Wise!

  • Kati

    What a cute family! It´s great to see Brad and Angie taking the older children for ouotings like this. They all sure enjoyed it enormously. Unfortunately the twins are still too young to take part in all this family fun but next year they´ll be old enough. Before that their parents sure can take them to the shopping sprees and have some fun time in the parks playing with their older siblings. Shiloh and Zahara have both grown a lot. And so have the boys. mad is a tall boy and Pax has grown a lot too. Hope to see the twins soon too! They are sooo adorable!

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