Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Behind Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to get Goop.

The actress’s new Web site continues to be a target for criticism, with The New York Times recently taking aim.

“Recent issues have offered tips on family harmony from a leader of the kabbalah community, cozy mothering anecdotes (and the revelation that her children call adults “grownies”) and a graphic regimen for detoxifying the body,” the article reads, adding, “Ms. Paltrow has recommended expensive hotels, restaurants and jewelry and offered tips on getting reservations at two of the Momofuku restaurants that don’t, in fact, take reservations.”

But the mom-of-two, who was in New York this week hosting an event for Bent On Learning, a non-profit organization that provides yoga and meditation classes for the city’s public school kids, insists that her critics just don’t get it, “because if they did, they would like it.”

Gwyneth adds that she launched the site “because I felt like I had a lot of really useful information that I was privileged enough to get, because I have this amazing, super, fortunate life.”

Have you ever read Goop? What do you think?

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  • Hannah

    Yes, it’s awful and pretentious just like Gwyneth.

  • Jen

    I call it Poop.

  • Peta

    She may mean well, but the name alone turns me off. ‘Goop’?

  • DIdo

    Sigh. She is so completely operating in a fantasy realm of superiority. GOOP really is ridiculous. What she doesn’t get is that it offers absolutely nothing new at all to it’s readers. Nothing unique, nothing special. Just regurgitated blandisms that would only appeal to her few fans.

  • shirilicious

    God, she’s so delusional. People do get your website, Gwyneth. It’s just that they don’t like your redundant, superfluous words of “wisdom”.

  • Dea

    Yeah, we DO get it Gwyneth and not because we are jealous but because it’s just a crock of $h*t spewing all over the place. Doesnt she even realize in real life, people are jobless, homeless because of recession? she needs to get her head out of her you-know-what!!

  • gia

    I completely agree with all the statements here…It is pretentious of her & also ridiculous if she is aiming her newsletter at everyday people like us…The restaurants recommended, the extensive exercises, the detox, the fashion/jewelry is all absurd if you arent either upper class or a celeb, working people dont have the time or money for that luxury stuff that she considers practical…Yes, we get it, but we cant afford it.
    The only redeeming quality of the newsletter are the occassional recipes for actual food & not some detox crap. Some of them are actually quite good & they dont all make me roll my eyes like the rest of the newsletter.

  • Mexpat

    I kind of liked her fashion issue where she talked about ways to pair things together easily. Her versions might have been expensive, but I can buy black tights at Gap and still look just as cool. She doesn’t bother me, but I thought she was macrobiotic. What’s with all the meat, butter and dairy in her recipes?

  • Melanie

    Ummm…Gwyneth Paltrow is an idiot. I would be embarrassed to be associated with her and her out of touch ridiculously pretentious ways. What a nut job.

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