Jennifer Connelly & Her Boys In NYC

Jennifer Connelly and husband Paul Bettany were seen on a walk with their sons Kai, 11, and Stellan, 5. The family dog also joined the family of four on the West Side, NYC on Thursday.

Jennifer was a single mom to her then 4-year-old son Kai when she met Paul on the set of A Beautiful Mind. She recently revealed how she knew Paul was ‘the one’: “It was something about the way that we were together. He stood out to me as someone singular and rare and beautiful, and I liked the way he was in the world…. I liked the way he was with my son and the way he made me feel.”

Photos: Flynet

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  • melanie

    i really really like jennifer! she is absolutely gorgeous and so is her family..even the dog.

  • mel

    WOW!Kai looks soooo much like her!!!
    he´s stunning!
    and stellan is soooo cute!
    look at their faces!
    handsome breathtaking boys.

  • Kayte

    Heehee I’m from New Zealand, and “Kai” is the Maori word for food. I know that’s most people who give their children that name have no idea of this (Maori, after all, is only spoken here, and I think it means ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian) but I always have a little giggle to myself whenever I see someone with that name!

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