Jewel Reveals Husband Ty Murray’s Baby Strategy

Jewel, who is partnered with pro Dmitry Chaplin, seems confident despite having suffered an injury during the intense rehearsals. “I’m in it for the long haul and I wanna win it,” she says.

But rodeo star Ty, who is paired with So You Think You Can Dance alumni Chelsie Hightower, has a winning plan in mind.

“Ty said he thinks his best chance of beating me is if I get pregnant during the show so I would be too tired to dance,” Jewel, 34, reveals. “Talk about a strategy! Of course, that would be fine with me if it did happen, so either way would be a win!”

The couple, who have been together for 10 years and wed last August, are eager to become parents – which is in part why they jumped at the chance to join the show.

“As newlyweds, we thought it would be fun to do something we wouldn’t do once we start a family,” says Jewel.

The new season of DWTS premieres on March 9.

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  1. melanie

    i don’t really like jewel much, she was pretty rude on that country talent show, like worse than simon.

  2. Dea

    Did she have a boob job? her left boob looks uhm..weirdly creased.

  3. Julia

    Haha! She should not be wearing that dress!

  4. Sara

    Jewel will always have my respect for coming up with “Foolish Games”. I love that song. But not too interested in anything else.

    *whispering* Carol, Dmitry is also a SYTYCD alum. Shhhh…

  5. jd

    dea I was thinking the exact same thing. I have never seen a boob creased that way lol

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