Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shows Off Her Shape

The 48-year-old star of The New Adventures of Old Christine reveals that she’s stayed fit the old fashioned way – through healthy eating and exercise – and says she has no plans to go the route of plastic surgery.

“Of course if things start to fall, I may have to do something to pull it all up,” she laughs. “But seriously, the whole idea scares me. My mom never had it done and she looks fantastic. Hopefully I’ll follow in her footsteps. I don’t judge anyone who’s had plastic surgery, but I don’t see it in my future. And my husband [writer/producer Brad Hall] is 100 percent against it!”

Julia, who is mom to sons Henry, 16, and Charles, 11, says she keeps healthy by spending a lot of time outdoors and shopping at local organic farmers’ markets – and yes, like her character Elaine from Seinfeld, she is crazy about a “big salad.”

Though she does admit to the occasional splurge: “I have a chocolate drawer in my desk where I keep treats at all times…. But my biggest food vice is bacon. And no, I don’t have a bacon drawer. In fact, I don’t keep bacon in my house – that would be way too tempting.”

Have you ever considered plastic surgery? Would you?

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  • Betsy

    you know what is so sad about this? the cover is photo-shopped! Julia has much larger hips than what is shown on this cover….

  • Sarita

    I don’t think she looks good on this photo at all. Something is off, yes she looks thin and toned, but somehow the proportions are off or something. Not the shape I am after.

  • shirilicious

    Sarita, those were exactly my thoughts! Thin and toned and yet not good looking. What irritates me most are those “holes” in her lateral abs. Looks like she had liposuction.

  • Jacie

    I think the best she ever looked, to me, was when she appeared as herself on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. She just looked so natural and pretty.

    I know what you say about Photoshop. It is hard to take magazine covers seriously these days after the Faith Hill reveal. Even if she or anyone were perfect, they still would not be good enough for the cover without a little touch up. It’s sad, really.

  • Rinoa

    I think she has a fantastic body! I don’t know what you guys mean about her proportions. She’s in better shape than most 25 year olds.

  • gia

    I get Shape magazine & in the letter from the editor portion in the March issue with Jaime Pressly on the cover the editor mentioned that she gets letters all the time asking about how much the covers are photoshopped & if they shave off 10lbs or digitally sculpt the abs & she said they do not alter the stars bodies & they select A-listers who are healthy role models & they have the curves to show for it or some crap like that…I find this incredibly hard to believe…not to take anything away from the cover celebs amazing bodies, but c’mon now, no photoshop!??
    A comment like that is like insulting our intelligence.

  • Sherry

    It looks like Julia’s head on Britney’s body! 🙂

  • Angelina Merle

    WOW, she is my favorite star. tinnitus cure

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