Honor Marie Is A Red Bootie Cutie

Jessica Alba and her 8-month-old daughter Honor Marie were seen shopping at Bel Bambini in West Hollywood. Honor was wearing cute red booties over her colorful tights.

The mother-daughter duo were just seen playing at the infamous playground to the stars, Coldwater Canyon Park.

Jessica’s latest flick An Invisible Sign of My Own is due to hit theaters this year.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. ll

    I think Honor prefers being carried face out to see everything, she looks like she’s trying to turn around in one of those pictures!

  2. Darya

    She hopefully will thin down once she’s up and running. Whole milk can make babies fat if that’s what she’s on. It doesn’t seem right to put a baby on a diet but maybe some small changes would help.

  3. B

    your all being very cruel, i don’t think she’s any chubbier than any other baby. and even if she is – she will slim down soon enough, shes only 8 months old.

  4. Rinoa

    You guys are so brutal! I can’t believe that you’re criticizing and calling a baby too fat. Nothing like tearing other females apart from a young age…

  5. melanie

    she is NOT fat! all babies have a little meat on their bone, theres nothing wrong w/it. she’s pleasently plump lol. jeez no wonder little girls are dying from anoexia…

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