Vin Diesel: “I’m A Changed Man”

Vin, 41, admits that life is very different since he and his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez welcomed their daughter Hania Riley last April, saying, “It’s changed my life and everything that falls under that umbrella.”

But he’s definitely not complaining. The Fast and the Furious star goes on to say of life with his baby girl, “You can’t pull me away from my house as easily as you used to, because I’ve got a nine-month-old thing on me and it’s heaven. I love it. I love being a dad. I’m a changed man.”

If Vin has his way little Hania will be a big sister before too long. He’s said in the past that he has hopes for a big family: “I want a half a dozen. What do you expect from me? I want 12 kids!”

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  • Amy

    does he realise that half a dozen is 6 not 12?!

  • I didn’t even know he had a kid.

  • Krystal babes

    Am so jealous i think hes so hot bt i think he wil b a great dad

  • Anonymous

    hiS qURl iS UqlY i tHiNk
    hE COUld’VE dONE bETtER

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