Pete Wentz Calls Bronx The “Greatest Achievement Of My Life”

For instance, he says he’s convinced he’ll be murdered one day – so convinced that he refuses to open his front door. And if he didn’t already have a baby he muses that he’d probably get a chimpanzee.

But the 29-year-old rocker also talks about having “finally found two fixed points in my life” in his wife Ashlee Simpson and their 3-month-old son Bronx Mowgli. He says that fatherhood has given him peace of mind.

“In the past my brain would never stop. Now I’m a father the world no longer revolves around me. When I’m with Bronx, he’s got my complete attention. He’s the only thing that occupies my thoughts. It fascinates me to speculate on what he’s thinking and feeling at any given moment. I also love to speculate about what kind of man he’s going to become. He could be another Neil Armstrong or Christopher Columbus. Who is he going to fall in love with? What’s his hair going to be like when he’s 15? Then, while I’m fantasising about all this stuff, he’ll go to put his hand in his mouth and end up smacking himself in the eye. He’s the single greatest achievement of my life.”

Maybe Bronx will follow in his dad’s footsteps and have a career in music. Pete reveals that his son already has a good ear, saying that he and Ashlee play Bob Dylan or Frank Sinatra for him at bedtime. And if those don’t work, Pete’s written a lullaby just for him.

“I wrote a lullaby especially for him – you’ll find it on our new album if you look hard enough – it’s a hidden track. We had so much fun doing it I’m going to put out an album of songs for children.”

Find Pete’s entire interview here.

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  1. Katrina

    I always thought he was just young and trying too hard.. but jesus the guy is an idiot

  2. Dea

    “Now I’m a father the world no longer revolves around me..”. NOT!!
    Then why is he still talking about himself? self-absorbed twit.

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