Jenny McCarthy Says Evan Is “The Poster Child For Hope”

On handling her son Evan’s autism diagnosis: “I Googled autism and found a community called Generation Rescue, which is a parent-run organization of moms who have been teaching other moms about diet, nutrition, supplements, and detox, and they have done an amazing job of healing their kids. I thought, Well, do I follow this path of moms who are saying their kids got better, or do I follow the path of the medical community who say these kids can’t get better? So I followed these parents and I’m so glad I did, because within a year of doing diet and nutrition with Evan, he lost his autism diagnosis.”

On how Evan is today: “He is the most talkative, social six-year-old little boy, who loves to play with his friends.”

On her deal with God: “I kind of made a deal with God, saying, ‘If you help me and you show me how to heal Evan, I promise I will teach the world how I did it.’ The hard part is everyone from this day on will know Evan’s business. People say, ‘Don’t you get worried that you made him the poster child for autism?’ And I say, “He’s the poster child for hope.’”

On why she’ll never marry Jim Carrey: “I will never get married. I hate that I say ‘never’ because the universe always says ‘tricked ya.’ But Jim and I, we talk about it a lot – just how funny it is that everyone wants us to or expects us to. When you’ve gotten married and divorced, you realize, OK, that wasn’t a set-in-stone agreement. We don’t know why the piece of paper has to prove our commitment. I think our words are just as powerful. I already call him my husband. It’s a name. ‘Oh, come here, husband.’ So I don’t feel the need at all to wear a white dress again. I did it. I marked that one off the fantasy file.”

On why she’d done posing for Playboy: “I love Playboy, and I owe them so much for giving me that first step into Hollywood. But I won’t be posing again, I’ll tell you that. I’m 36 – not that that means I’m 100, but I just really like my clothes on now.”

On her love of Botox: “I think plastic surgery is fun if it makes you feel good. I’m all for looking better, so I plan on doing whatever I want when the time comes. I love Botox, I absolutely love it. I get it minimally, so I can still move my face. But I really do think it’s a savior.”

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  • aubrey madeline

    Jenny claims that Evan has “lost his autism diagnosis”. There is only one way for that to have happened and that is that he was never autistic. Doctors can misdiagnose things, and since autism is not something that just up and disappears, I think Evan was misdiagnosed, and Jenny continues on acting like the expert on autism to make money and keep her name in the spotlight. After all, how much “acting” has she been doing lately?

  • Jen

    I agree that he had to be misdiagnosed. Although I do know a family who’s daughter’s autism has improved through diet and therapy, however the girl is by no means “cured” and never will be. I’m certainly glad Jenny has her son back, but it’s reckless and thoughtless of her to brag about him being suddenly normal. I’m surprised she doesn’t get a lot of backlash.

    I also love how she “made a deal with God”. I wonder how He feels about her living in sin.

  • Thalita Spencer

    My brother was diagnosed as autistic when he was 2 years old. We live in Brazil, so you can guess that we don’t have the best doctors in the world as you do. Many doctors said that he would never be able to talk to people, interact with them. Since then, he has been helped by psychiatrists, psycologists and has had a regular education, with all the special help he needed from teachers and supervisors. Now he’s 21 years old and he’s able to talk, express his emotions, to communicate with everybody. We took him to many different doctors recently and none of them diagnosed autism on him. It happens because autism is a syndrome, wich means someone has it if he or she has many of the symptomes which are part of it. Since many of these symptomes have disappeared because of all the help he had, in many things he doesn’t look like he’s autistic. Still, he is. Treatment can help those kids to make great progress, but still they can’t be cured, because they will have some of the characteristics of their condition. Please don’t judge that woman, you don’t know what she’s been through. Doctors said Evan couldn’t get much better, and he did. Not even them know how much these kids can achieve with the support and hard work of their families and therapists.

  • Amy

    Thank you Thalita Spencer for saying that. I’m so sick of people saying things about Jenny and her son when they have no idea what they are talking about. Most of the people who make up these assumptions about her and her child are the same type of people that only know about autism from what they see on TV. Until you do some REAL research on autism, or live with a person who suffers from it, you have no business discussing it.

  • Ann

    I’m glad Jenny has helped give a larger voice for those diagnosed with autism. I know their are degrees and autism is a large spectrum. I always thought she was funny even back in her mtv days. Good luck J and E!

  • shirilicious

    Amy, Jenny McCarthy has made it her business to discuss her son’s autism (or whatever it is/was he’s suffering from) with the media and the public in general. When she says things like “my son’s autism is cured”, something that scientifically is not possible, then what should we do? Twiddle our thumbs and believe everything she says? I don’t think so. Like Jen said, maybe his symptoms improved, maybe he was misdiagnosed (happens more often than we think), but if he really has autism then he most certainly isn’t cured, he’s just able to cope better.

  • MyOwnAdvocate

    I can’t believe how many of you are so bold as to say that it’s “impossible” to cure Autism! Really? You know that for 100%? Where do you get your facts? From the same doctors that tell you vaccines are safe? Despite the fact that millions have been paid out to families that have proven vaccines harmed or killed their children?

    I have read MANY stories of children that were cured from Autism and other vaccine related injuries by diet, nutrition and chelation. Just because Western Medicine says it’s not possible, doesn’t make it gospel. They are the same ones that say many drugs are safe and then in the same breath give a list of side effects that are a mile long and are worse then the ailment they are treating! And within a year, they are yanked from the shelf because they are dangerous. These are the same doctors that tell people every day they will never walk again or never have children and are proved wrong time after time. Do you all see the many commercials that ambulance chasing lawyers air because of drugs that, despite being FDA approved, maimed or killed people?

    People need to stop giving doctors, drug reps and tainted scientists so much power over their minds! Be your own advocate, follow your God given maternal instincts. I guarantee that those of you that say Autism is impossible to cure would change your tune quickly if it was your child! You would do everything you could and follow any lead if you thought it might help or be the cure! I will never understand why it seems so hard to believe that toxins in vaccines may trigger an underlying issue in a child that pushes them over the edge and causes them to become autistic or suffer seizures, etc. You can’t put that crap into small bodies and not expect something to happen. In our “green” world today where everyone is so concerned about the toxins in our food and in household cleaners, but people turn a blind eye to the toxins injected directly into the body of our children. Makes no sense at all! And to totally discount the fact that many children regress into these Autistic symptoms after vaccination, is just foolish.

    I can’t get over how much people are zombies of their health care providers. Their minds are held hostage by the scare tactics of doctors and the greed of big pharma! Do you really think big pharma wants to find a cure for Autism? Why would they when they make millions off of drugs to treat symptoms? People need to stop parroting the same old, tired comments that are in the media and are championed by the medical community and do their own research! Educate yourselves…you can’t go wrong. Even if you do your own research and come to the same conclusion, then at least people may take you more seriously.

  • Marina

    Autism is not vaccine related. It has been proven that the doctor who did the study that showed that had messed with his data, and no parent is allowed to sue a vaccine company for causing autism anymore because there is no proof of it. So are you sure you know what you are talking about???

    Autism onsets at about the same time that you get vaccinated. It does not cause it. The number of drownings go up when it is warm outside. Does that mean the heat causes the drowning? No. It means when it is warm you swim more. When you swim more, you drown more. That is all it is.

    As for saying if it was my child I would change my tune, well it is my child. My son is autistic. And Jenny McCarthy is giving false hope to parents everywhere. Does that mean I am not fighting to find a way to help my son? Of course not. I am doing all that I can to help him adjust and cope with life. I am attempting to main stream him in school as much as possible without having him be too overwhelmed or have the teacher be so overwhelmed with him that she cannot help the other children as much.

    But I know that it is not just going to disappear. The symptoms may lessen, but they will not go away. He will never be comfortable immediately in large groups. And I cannot do anything to change that, despite what I have tried. So I put him in smaller groups, and allow him to get to know the people around him at his own pace. I take him to different specialists where he gets speech therapy as well as other things.

    I have not given up hope that one day he will be able to be fully functioning. BUT THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE AT THIS POINT.

  • MyOwnAdvocate

    I’m sorry, but just because there is no concrete evidence to prove vaccines have a strong relation to autism, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! There is no concrete evidence that it DOESN’T have a part in causing autism either! Just because a ruling was made, again, doesn’t make it right. For me, abortion is wrong and because ROE vs. WADE say abortion is legal, it doesn’t make it right! There are always 2 sides to a story and that one doctor isn’t the only doctor that has done studies and found the correlation between vaccines and autism! I’m sorry, but your analogy of swimming on warm days doesn’t float (pun intended). It’s not just that autism is higher among the age of children being vaccinated, but also the fact that there are WAY more vaccinations now and the climb jumped at the same time. If something negative is happening and there is something that is more then coincidentally associated with that negative effect, then it should be researched by independent researchers. The drug companies are doing everything they can to cover it up and down play it. Just like all the injuries and deaths occurring from the Gardisal vaccine. I’ve heard lots of moms that are for vaccines tell me that they won’t let their daughters get the Gardisal vaccine. They can see the correlation between that vaccine and girls having seizures and dying, but the correlation between vaccines and autism is so taboo. If that’s not foolishness, then it’s definitely naive!

    There have been many reports done by respected doctors and scientists that said there could be or they believed there was a connection between vaccines and autism. Like I said before, do you think drug companies want to find a cure? No. Therefore, they are going to hire their own scientists to do tests that give them the answers they want.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’re doing the best for your son that you know how! But to be honest, I’ll never understand the mentality of parents that says a cure is impossible. To hear parents say that they found something that really worked and then to hear other parents belittle those parents and not show any support or interest in what they have to say, is beyond me. Personally, I would NEVER say finding a cure for my child was impossible. That’s giving up and being close minded.

    Have you researched or tried any of the methods Jenny and other parents have tried with their children? Can you really sit there and say, all those parents out there that say there are methods to help recover autistic children, that they’re just delusional? I really have to wonder why there’s such animosity against parents out there that refuse to be told their children can’t be helped and to “just live with it”. If I have to choose between parents that have a real stake in the fight against autism and scientist and doctors that work for drug companies or receive gifts and rewards from drug companies…hands down, I will throw my support behind those parents! They are heroes for not giving up! For trying everything in their power and to share what they know! Why does it have to be the doctors against the parents? Why do doctors feel that parents are so incompetent that they can’t have ideas and opinions on the health of their own child? I would never tell my mother who has had breast cancer that she should just be content to allow cancer to run her life because it’s “impossible” to cure. Hmmm…JMO.

    I’m confident that one day the truth about the harm being done to our children by vaccines will be known. It will be very hard for me to not say “I told you so”, but what will be harder will be the heartbreak I’ll feel for the current generation of children that were allowed to be guinea pigs for big pharma.

  • Audrey

    I remember the military denying that Agent Orange caused cancer, but after three decades they changed their call. I’ve not made my mind up yet about vaccines. I’m not convinced one way or the other. I therefore cannot blame parents who choose to stretch out the time line for their childrens’ vaccinations. My daughter has chosen to do it slower for her children.

  • MyOwnAdvocate

    Thank you Audrey for helping make part of my point. MANY times in history drug companies, scientists, doctors and the government have told people “it’s safe…we’ve tested it” only to find out years later that it wasn’t safe! Same as the smallpox vaccine, the rotavirus and more. So for people to blindly follow and deny their internal warning system is such a shame. I just don’t feel there’s enough proof that vaccines are safe to allow them to “test” them on my children. Remove the toxins from them and then I’ll reconsider. Is that asking so much? Goodnight 🙂

  • seren getty

    I’m sure Jenny’s doing the best for her son, but to use the word “cure” is a little irresponsible, like when Sharon Stone claimed you could cure “cancer” with vitamins and Halle Berry cured her “type ONE diabetes” with diet and exercise (she must have been type 2 to start with). It gives patients/parents false hope and may turn them away from seeking medical advice from a more reputable source.

  • Michelle

    I’m with MyOwnAdvocate. Well said!
    I wonder how people *know* that it’s *impossible* for autism to be cured.
    The fact that the there’s not a mainstream cure for it doesn’t make it impossible.
    It merely means that the mainstream hasn’t found a cure.
    Heck, if it’s impossible, then why bother searching?
    I guess it’s also impossible to cure cancer and all the other diseases, so let’s not try.
    After all, by your logic….it’s impossible!

  • LaKesha

    Jen, we all live in sin, we were born into sin. How can one argue that Jenny didn’t make a pact with God. He forgives and he hears us all!

  • Marina

    I never said it was impossible to eventually cure autism. I’m saying a cure is impossible right now. Right now, with the knowledge that people and doctors have, it is impossible to cure autism. The word cure means that it will work for everyone. That is obviously not true.

    And yes, I have done EVERYTHING out there for my son. I have never given up home that maybe one day a treatment will be found that eliminates symptoms (not cures, because that is such a horrible word that brings false hope to people everywhere). But right now, I am doing all I can do, I tried everything Jenny did, and it did not work. So no, there is no cure.

    You’re right. The small pox vaccine is the worst thing ever. That’s why there is no more small pox and children don’t get vaccinated against it any more. Same with polio. It’s absolutely horrible that people are no longer becoming paralyzed because enough people were vaccinated. It would be so much better if people were still dying from those diseases.

    As a teacher, I pray to God people start vaccinating again. When you do not vaccinate your child, you are putting their life in danger. You are risking them dying of a much graver disease. My son is still alive. He still shows his love in his own way. And that is better than the risk of him being taken from me any day. When children stop being vaccinated, the number of children dying from measles and other illnesses will shoot up. Those diseases will be back in the schools. And then because they are around so much, they will mutate, as diseases do, and children who’s parent’s did the smart thing (that’s right, I said it) and got them vaccinated will be dying as well.

    Your argument about no correlation being found makes no sense. You are 100% correct that just because no solid connection has been found, that does not mean that there isn’t one. But let me turn your argument on you for a moment. Just because one hasn’t been found, doesn’t mean there is one either.

    Until absolute proof is found, I will continue to vaccinate and protect my children. To not vaccinate them, in my mind, is the same as letting them ride in cars with strangers, or letting them walk home from school by themselves at the age of four. Would you let your children do life threatening things like that?

    And no, there is no proof. If there was, people would still be able to sue vaccine companies. Which they aren’t. Because, again, there is no proof.

  • shirilicious

    Marina, why argue with those who seem to have made up their mind without taking any scientific research into account? No matter what you say, the believe what they want to believe and no logic argument will change this.

  • MyOwnAdvocate

    Unlike you Marina, I choose hope and having hope doesn’t mean it has to be false. The whole “false hope” argument is a cop-out! A HUGE component of fighting disease and disorders is hope and a positive attitude! How will children get better if their own parents don’t have any hope for them?! I had already stated that the evidence may not point directly to one side or another, so there’s no reason to “turn it around on me”.

    You and Shirilicious both said that there’s no research to back my side up, but you go and say that without vaccines all the childhood disease would come back. Really? Where is your scientific proof? Oh wait! There is none…because that’s completely an opinion and a “theory”! The FACT is, and there are studies and charts to PROVE that these diseases were on a dramatic DECLINE BEFORE vaccines for them came out! This was due to better nutrition, clean water and better hygiene.

    I know my facts, I’ve done my research. I’m not new to this debate…been around for years 🙂 I’m happy to know I can think for myself and not allow doctors to tell me there’s no hope. How sad that is and how sad I feel for you.

    You said you tried everything, I “guess” I’d have to take your word for it, although I highly doubt you tried chelation because otherwise you would have stated so before when I first brought it up. And trying things means more then changing diet, etc for a few days, weeks, etc, but making it a life long change. Unfortunately, people these days are all about instant gratification. If something doesn’t give results instantly, they give up.

    You can give it a go with the old rhetoric of trying to make non-vaccinating parents feel guilty about not vaccinating, but it won’t work with me 🙂 I’ve done my research and prayed over it and have no doubts nor regrets about our decision. I guess it’s just a coincidence that non-vaccinated children are almost always healthier then vaccinated children, huh?

    Do as you wish and allow parents that don’t agree with you, do as they wish. This post wasn’t meant to be a vaccine debate, but I posted because I’m tired of people out there getting up on their hind legs whenever Jenny or anyone else says they helped their children recover from vaccine damage. Be happy for them! Support their effort and their passion to help the ever growing number of children affected by autism and other vaccine injuries.

    So stop getting on here and saying there’s “no cure” when you don’t know that for sure! It sounds ridiculous to see people making such statements! Again, I still can’t believe people are so hateful against people that are so hopeful! Sounds like it’s a pity party full of people that hate those that are trying to do something and move forward. JMO.

  • MyOwnAdvocate,
    Diet, Detox and chelation have been hawked by doctors for decades. In the last big push they claimed that these same methods were the “cure” for ADHD. When it was proven beyond any doubt that diet aids approximately 1% of the total number of kids with ADHD and that Detox and chelation had no effect whatsoever, they moved on to the new hot trend in medical discussion.

    And before you decide to tell me that I’m full of something other than research, I’ve studied this from all angles for years. I have ADHD, my mother put me on a strict diet for a time. No help there, just a kid who couldn’t eat some of his favorite foods. My son has been diagnosed as Autistic, and there IS hope. Therapy has helped and I’m sure it will continue to do so.

    My worry is that Ms. McCarthy’s hopeless shilling for these companies will convince parents to refuse vaccines for their children. I wonder who they will blame when the next measles epidemic hits? Both measles and mumps can be fatal in cases. As for Rubella… It’s no fun, but less serious. What of the other vaccines? How much harm can come of this if those are foregone as well?

    Color me worried.

  • MyOwnAdvocate

    I appreciate your post AFather! I can appreciate a conversation with someone that has done their own research, even if it ends with a different opinion…as I stated in an earlier post.

    I never claimed it worked for everyone. What I’m trying to address is the fact that some say it didn’t work for them and therefore it won’t work for anyone?! To be naysayers and cry fowl when someone found hope in something, even if it didn’t work for others, is just plain childish.

    I’ve seen first hand how diet and supplementation has had drastic effects on children with ADHD and Autism…both of which are children in my family. So it’s not a story heard from a 3rd person party.

    I believe it all plays a part. I think poor diets and injections of too many toxic metals and other toxins into children’s bodies can trigger the underlying genetic predisposition for autism. So, a good diet and nutrition, along with chelation or non-vaccination, are the best head start that can be given to kids. Among other things like removing chemicals from foods, household cleaners, etc.

    Our world has become so saturated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, processed foods, etc that it doesn’t take a genius to know why people’s health is on the decline in a major way. Our children’s immune systems are being overloaded and not allowed to mature the way God designed them to.

    It didn’t work for you, at least an honest try was given, but don’t say it won’t work for no one. I think it’s a worse evil to say there’s no cure and don’t even try because the one person that may believe that may have been one that would of achieved a cure or as close as possible by following up on things tried and suggested by Jenny and others.

    And as far as your statistics. Again, I have a great deal of skeptisism to take them as gospel because these are the same people that are trying to say vitamins, supplements and other natural or homeopathic remedies don’t work. When in fact, I’ve seen them work for me and for others. I’ve seen people healed from ailments after they turned to naturopaths when mainstream doctors said they couldn’t be helped.

    Once again, the tired argument that if vaccinations stop, then outbreaks will occur…prove it! The last outbreak of measles that happened in the area I grew up in was amongst those that were vaccinated. And that’s not just a rarity…it happens often, but not talked about. I believe that if parents stop vaccinating and bring children up on good nutrition, proper hygiene and sleep, then they will see health blossom in abundance! Immune systems will be at their peak and mature the way they are suppose to! Now that’s a novel idea 😉 At the least, take the toxins out of vaccines and give them if you feel they are so important. The fact that big pharma doesn’t want to do this speaks more of their greed then their genuine desire to make our children healthy. Think about it. And before I’m labled as someone that only follows alternative medicine, I will state here and now that I believe in taking a healthy approach to both sides. I just believe that western medicine is stuck in a rut and the priority is the “bottom line”.

    Why is “hope” a 4 letter word for some of you? Sad.

  • Silas

    I wonder why it’s bad to add a little mercury to a vaccine for the purpose of preventing harmful bacterial growth, but it’s okay to inject the most toxic substance known to humanity into your face for the purpose of preventing wrinkles.

  • MyOwnAdvocate

    The reason Silas is probably because mercury and other toxins are being injected into small bodies that are not mature yet and the compounding of the number of vaccines being given can lead to over-the-limit levels of metals in a body. Besides, a child doesn’t get a say in it whereas if an adult is stupid enough to want to inject poison into their body, then they are old enough to deal with the consequences.

    BTW, I wanted to add to my last post that this will be all from me on the subject. I just wanted to bring to the conversation the idea that while you might not agree with Jenny, you can be supportive and civil about it. Instead of the “how dare she!” comments, why can’t people just say, in a mature way, “I don’t know if I agree with her, but if it works for her, then great! And if someone chooses to listen and try out on their child, what worked for Evan and other children, then respectfully, that’s their decision!”. This isn’t politics…you CAN be open to both sides of the issue. Until we have concrete, no questions asked, consensus from both side of the issue, say “this is the final word on the subject of vaccines and autism and other disorders”, I don’t think any of us can say my way or the highway. I apologize if I come across that way on my position, I’m just passionate about it. I really hate to see people say there’s no help, no cure out there when obviously there does seem to be help for some. All our bodies are different. What works for one, may not work for another, but it doesn’t hurt to try, to be hopeful and most importantly be supportive of one another 🙂 For parents of Autistic children, Jenny isn’t the enemy and doesn’t deserve to be attacked. She’s passionate about her son and what she believes is something that helped him. If you discovered something that helped your child, wouldn’t you want to share it with anyone that would listen?

    I hope everyone has a nice week!

  • Anonymous


    You’re welcome. To the ones who say there is a cure, it is not proved yet what causes autism. You can say many things, but a theory to be accepted as true by society, and specially by the scientists who work with it, has to be proved. I’m just saying that what is common sense nowadays is that autism doesn’t have a cure yet. Most scientists don’t even agree about the source of autism. I’ve heard of at least three theories about it, and none of them is proved to be true yet. I don’t know about the drug industry, about the doctors, or nobody else, I just know that me and my family did everything we could in research and treatment, and my brother now does things we never thought he would be able to do. He acts like a person who is not autistic. Many people don’t even notice he has that condition. It doesn’t mean he is cured. How can I say that I’ve cured something if I don’t even know what it is to be cured? Genes? Toxines? A person who has a certain infection, for example, can’t say that he or she is cured if the symptomes disappear. The bacteria may still be there. Or not.
    I don’t mean to say that there’s no hope! Hope is something that makes people to work hard and not to give up. People can try what they consider right to help these people, and I thank God for everything that the love, patience and work they had could achieve. Just be careful not to say it like you know what causes autism, and how to cure it. You may not know.
    “Cure” is a very dangerous word. I never thought of my brother as “ill”, so in my heart and mind there was nothing to cure. He ‘s just different. Since he was a baby, he just has special needs and difficulties. We would just help him try to get over them or adjust to the problems he is not able to solve yet.
    I’m happy for Jen, because her son has improved. About his progress, cure or whatever you call it, I can’t say it for sure. I just respect what she’s been through and her effort to tell people what she thinks may do good for their children. If it’s true, it won’t do people any harm. If it’s not, she’s not to be blamed. Only parents, and no one else, are responsable for what happens because of what they have decide to accept as best for their children.

  • Marina

    If you really cared you wouldn’t just give up like you are, saying that’s all you have to say about that.

    You didn’t address my points about Polio and Small Pox. Because you don’t have a retort? Those diseases did not just die out. No disease just dies out. People get vaccinated and the diseases go away.

    As for outbreaks happening in vaccinated communities, there are still outbreaks, but they are much less serious and of course they happen in vaccinated communities. Until recently, it was required that you be vaccinated before you entered school. Something that I believe should still be required.

    If she had found a cure it would work for everyone. We did try chelation, in case it was the mercury. It wasn’t. If it was, than the diet he was on for 3 years would have helped as well. Thanks for the assumptions though.

    I also find it suspicious that SUDDENLY you have family members with adhd and autism. Using your argument, wouldn’t you have mentioned that from the beginning.

    And I never said that I have no hope. There is treatment that is successful out there in certain circumstances. As I said, Jackson has benefited greatly from behavioral and speech therapy and has made great strides. I have hope beyond anything you could imagine that one day he will be fully functioning.

    Please read this next statement carefully. THERE IS NO CURE. Show me something that makes all symptoms of every child with autism go away and I will concede the point to you. But the definition of a cure is that it goes away completely and works for everyone.

    My problem with the argument about her curing autism is that the word autism covers such a wide spectrum, that I do not believe that it can possibly be that all of these children have the same disorder. I think Jenny’s son had autistic symptoms, but that does not mean anything. I had all the symptoms of appendicitis and didn’t have it. Something else could be the cause.

    I am happy for her, but I wish she would stop preaching. Children are going to die because of it.

  • Who said CURE?

    I’ve never once heard Jenny McCarthy use the word “cure.” She very specifically speaks of “recovery” from autism – which is indeed possible, that is no one can prove that it is not (see

    Clouding meaning by using the word cure, then getting “triggered” by it, only inhibits one’s potential.

    Jenny’s message is pure and pointed – recovery (better) is possible, diet (getting healing nutrition) is a huge help, and it’s always worth trying.

    No argument there.

    Martin Matthews
    Nourishing Hope for Autism

  • Thalita Spencer

    Sorry, I forgot to put my name on that post.
    I thinf you may have misunderstood me. I don’t agree that vaccines cause autism. I never said that. And I of course I have hope, If I didn’t I would have never believed that an autistic could make progress when the doctors told me that my brother wouldn’t be able to get much better. I’m from Brazil, and some children on the countryside still suffer from it. It happens because some of them still don’t have access to the vaccine. When I have my baby, of course he will take his vaccines. I’m just saying that I respect Jen’s right to have an opinion that may or may not be like the opinion of most of the people. The therapies she thinks are appropriated for son only concern them. It’s her opinion. For myself, I only see reasons for taking vaccines, but I respect other people’s opinions. It’s up to them. Still, I don’t know what causes autism, or how to cure it. Science will let us know when it’s sure. Truth will prove itself.

  • Thalita Spencer

    “I’m from Brazil, and some children on the countryside still suffer from it”
    I meant “still suffer from polio”

  • Thalita Spencer

    “I’m from Brazil, and some children on the countryside still suffer from it”
    I meant “still suffer from polio”
    And by the way I forgot to put my name on my post, right before Marina’s last one.

  • MyOwnAdvocate

    No one said I was giving up…lol. I have priorities (my children) that require my attention and I think I’ve exhausted the issue as far as it can go. I gave my 2 cents and you can take it or leave it.

    I did address your comment about the smallpox and polio vaccine in my comments from a previous post stating,

    “The FACT is, and there are studies and charts to PROVE that these diseases were on a dramatic DECLINE BEFORE vaccines for them came out! This was due to better nutrition, clean water and better hygiene.”

    I’ve talked to someone that went through the awful affects of the smallpox vaccine and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! And many of the polio outbreaks that occurred after the vaccine was introduced was BECAUSE of the live vaccine! The maker of the vaccine even admitted it!

    And yes, I do have first hand account of autism and ADHD. My sister is the mother of 7 adopted children. One is autistic and 4 are ADHD. Unlike some, I don’t just get involved in any ol’ debate unless I have a vested interest. And I didn’t mention the ADHD because we weren’t talking about ADHD until AFather commented.

    Anyway, like I said, I have other priorities that call me away. And once again, this is the last of it. If I need to explain myself any further, then I’ll be going in circles forever with you. At this point, it’s turning into a game of word semantics and I think you’re at the point of arguing with a brick wall 😉 lol Let’s just agree to disagree 🙂 Have a good evening.

  • Martin,
    She has used the word “cure” many times. the point you must remember with M. McCarthy is that she is getting paid for this.

  • Marina

    She does use the word cure. That is what I object to. That and her telling people not to get vaccinated. Make your own decisions and don’t preach about it.

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