Sandra Bullock’s Family In Sunny California

Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James were seen saying goodbye to their dogs and Jesse’s children, son Jesse James Jr., 11, and daughters Chandler, 14, and Sunny, 5, before hitting up Starbucks for a coffee, then going off-roading on their dirt bikes.

Jesse, a television personality and CEO of West Coast Choppers, had his first two children with his first wife, Karla. His daughter Sunny was with his second wife, Janine Lindemulder, an adult film star/producer, and a former Penthouse model. Sandra met Jesse when she arranged for her 10-year-old godson, a fan, to tour the set of Jesse’s show Monster Garage.


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  • Kim

    Jesse’s ex-wife Janine Lindemulder called into the Howard Stern Show this past March before starting her prison sentence for tax evasion. She says one of her exes turned her in but she wouldn’t say who. She says her ex-husband Jesse James and his new wife, actress Sandra Bullock, wanted nothing to do with her five-year-old daughter for the first three years of her life. Then one day they wanted contact with her daughter and Janine was happy and started making baby books for Jesse. But one day he just snapped and tried to get full custody of her daughter. They settled on joint custody.

    The long standing rumor is that both Jesse and Sandra turned in Janine to the IRS. Though Jesse is no stranger to not paying people with his lawyers and former business partners all suing him for conning them and not paying his bills. I had always heard Jesse was violent towards Janine throughout their marriage and while Janine was pregnant with their daughter. He left Janine for Sandra while she was eight months pregnant though Janine says she doesn’t blame Sandra for the breakup. After Jesse left Janine for Sandra, he was claiming their daughter wasn’t his all of a sudden. DNA tests proved differently. Jesse then went on with his new life in Hollywood and wasn’t in contact with Janine or their daughter for the next three years.

    My theory is that Sandra, who isn’t getting any younger by Hollywood standards, wanted Jesse to gain full custody of Janine’s daughter. This served two purposes: 1), Publicity for Sandra because she can get the publicity she wants by parading Janine’s daughter on public outings in front of the obvious paparazzi ahead. I’ve seen pictures of where Sandra is looking directly at the cameras and smiling while Janine’s daughter is in full view of them. Did Janine authorize these publicity stunts? And 2), Sandra can’t have children and trying to gain custody of a young child is her way of finally becoming a mother.

    Sandra has many times stated in interviews that her husband’s children with his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends are also her children and a part of her family. I’m a part of a stepfamily but my stepfather had custody of me and raised me along with my mother. Sandra has nothing to do with Janine’s daughter except when Jesse has his visitation. Unless you are raising the children and their mothers are not in their lives for whatever reason, then you are not their mother and merely a babysitter. If Sandra had children. I highly doubt she would appreciate her husband’s exes saying her children are also their children now.

    If Sandra can’t have children, she can open her home to foster children when there are so many children that need homes. She certainly has the money to do this and can take care of so many needy children. She obviously doesn’t want a happy stable family environment for Janine’s daughter because Janine said in her interview that Jesse and Sandra will not talk to her and she and Sandra have never really sat down to discuss her daughter staying with her while she’s in prison. How was this all arranged and handled? Through lawyers?

    Jesse was using Janine’s porn history against her when he was first trying to get custody. But he didn’t have any problems marrying a porn star and getting a porn star pregnant. But when he met a woman more famous and more wealthy than Janine, Jesse and Sandra came to the conclusion that a porn star for a mother was suddenly a problem. Sandra thinks she’s a better mother figure for Janine’s daughter. But Janine has a 17-year-old son and there has never been any issues against Janine as a mother. Unlike Jesse who beat Janine while pregnant, later claimed their daughter wasn’t his, and then later having nothing to do with the child for the first three years of her life. While Sandra was having an affair with a married man who had a pregnant wife at home and has been trying to take a little girl away from her mother and older brother. Despite all of Janine’s flaws, I rather see her raising children than Jesse and Sandra.

  • Anonymous

    Janine, Sounds like a Very scorned women who is Pushing the blame.
    I have 3 Step siblings and My dad loved them the same as his own .
    SO Janine
    Get a grip pay your taxes like the rest of us and Be happy your kids dont have Mommy Dearest as a step mom.
    YOU GO Sandra

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    It looks like she’s holding a baby…
    Maybe it was Baby Louis?

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