Fergie & Her Girls Are Red Carpet Royals

Sarah Ferguson and daughters Eugenie, 18, and Beatrice (in blue), 20, were photographed at the world premier of The Young Victoria at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square in London on Tuesday night.

On Sunday night, the trio were spotted in Milan, Italy at the Robert Cavalli party during the Milan Fashion Week. Fergie and her daughters dressed in all black for the fun night out.

Photos: Splash / Flynet

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  • popsykl

    eugenie is stunning!!!!!

  • coco

    wow the whole family is battling with weight

  • anne

    So, ‘coco’ … if they’re not Kate Middleton’s size, they have Weight problems? which they are presumably Battling? Dear me.

  • Julia

    @Coco I wouldn’t say any of these women are battling with weight. Just because of all of the celebrities we see on the internet and in magazines happen to be size 0’s and size 2’s doesn’t mean that’s normal or healthy. I think both these girls are healthy looking. They’re not fat but they’re certainly not stick thin and sickly and I think they’re fantastic role models to girls everywhere. These girls only look fat in comparison to Victoria Beckham. I think you’ll find they’re an average size and weight. And I also happen to think they’re both stunning.

  • hannah

    I completely agree with you, Julia. Comments like this contribute to young women’s eating disorders and I really hope people would think a second or two longer about the consequences of her words for others before making such comments.

  • Rinoa

    Ugh, I completely agree with both Julia and Hannah. Why do people continue to be so mean and cruel? Please think about what you’re writing before you post.

  • LaKesha

    To be honest, I thought the same thing as coco when I saw this picture.

  • anon

    So Coco and LaKesha you get to judge how people look? I honestly don’t see anything wrong with how the girls look. I think they are beautiful in their dresses and have great legs. Not everyone is model thin. These two girls look realistic, which is great to for young women to see.

  • Lucia

    How can you even tell when they are wearing baggy dresses? If they have a weight problem then I am huge.

  • shirilicious

    Look, these three ladies are far away from what I would call ‘overweight’ but it’s not like they are thin either. Maybe coco’s comment was insensitive, but all three of them are a little bit chunky or sturdy or whatever one wants to call it. Nothing wrong with it. Eugenie and Beatrice are pretty, they have great legs, but to pretend that especially Beatrice isn’t a bit on the heavy side is like pretending to be blind. People don’t seem to get that much in rage when others are pointing out how thin celebrity XY is, so what’s the big deal here?

  • ehmchick

    Genetics suck.

  • Jessica

    I seriously think you guys are all misguided here. None of these women can be more than a size 8 or 10 at most. They look fantastic, they look healthy and, in my opinion, what people should look like. I mean for goodness sake the average size for women in the United States is 12. I also don’t think this has anything to do with “pretending” or being “blind” I just think some people have been fashioned into believing what all public figures should look like and can’t see people for how they really appear too clouded by judgement. This is a terrible thing and I hope you are able to adjust your mind.

    I understand that it’s all about honesty, but there are somethings that need not to be said.

  • anne

    @ shirilicious: “Pointing out” a woman’s weight is a pretty lame sort of comment to post (and the subjects of these comments are female 99% of the time, aren’t they? Sigh). Under any circumstances … though it could be argued that morbid obesity might be discussed as a health issue and stick-thinness as either a health or body-image issue (and as topics, not as personal critiques). Commenters, like myself, who’ve objected to coco and LaKesha’s “observations” aren’t in some sort of denial about what Eugenie & Beatrice might weigh . . . we’re saying it doesn’t matter (+ surprise that E & B’s size provoked comment at all).

  • LaKesha

    Hmm…no one is saying that these girls are severely overweight. Because their mother has had a very public struggle with her weight, it does make one focus in on Fergie’s weight when seeing pictures of her. Likewise it’s also fair to notice that her daughters appear to be having weight issues as well. Size 8-10 may be average–but most average women do have issues with their weight…the weight loss industry in America would not be as successful if not for this.

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