John Moynahan’s Day At The Park

Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady’s 18-month-old son John Moynahan was seen playing at the park with his nanny in Brentwood, California. Tom just wed supermodel Gisele Bundchen last Thursday.

On finding herself alone at three months pregnant, Bridget said, “I’m not sure anyone — and I could be wrong in this — grows up thinking, I want to be a single mom,” Bridget was three months pregnant with Tom’s child but no longer in a relationship with him. She says, “There’s no reason why my son years down the line would need to read anything [personal] about his mother or his father. Going through that traumatic time of being heartbroken and then being pregnant turned my whole life upside down and inside out and just knocked the wind out of me. But I got so much out of that. It’s golden and it’s tough and it was f***’ed up. But now I have a child, and it’s the best thing in the world.”


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  • KDd

    he looks just like his Daddy

  • anonymous

    Boy is he cute! I feel bad for him though!

  • what a cute little boy!

    why feel bad for him? He’s healthy, happy, and has two (now 3) parents who love him very much!

  • Jenny-Loo

    that was so messed up what she went through… but she hadled it like a champ and hes son will have so much respect for her when he grows up and understands what really happened. His Dad on the other hand is another story…

  • Em

    He so ADORABLE i can eat him up!!

  • Jen

    I feel bad for him, too. His dad doesn’t have much to do with him.

  • melanie

    i agree jenny-loo!! gisele and tom urkkkkk me

  • Lioness

    Jen, I don’t think that’s correct- from what I’ve seen and read, Tom is quite involved in John’s life.

  • Erica

    Aww he’s so cute..and he looks just like his Dad his hair color is changing..I just wanna pinch those cheeks. Tom and Bridget have a sweet little boy

  • Lucia

    If they knew they were not meant to be together, kudos for them for not trying to make it work then forcing John to go through the pain of divorce. Tom is still very active in his life.

  • Kat

    John is so adorable! He looks like his Daddy in some pix, but them from another angle I can see his Mom. Either way, he is gonna be a heart-breaker with that chin! =)

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