Elizabeth Hurley Donates Pic Of Son For Stamp

The stamp is being auctioned off on eBay, with proceeds going to UK charity Women’s Aid.

Elizabeth, 42, says of the picture, which features 6-year-old Damian dressed in a T-shirt and multi-colored hat, “The images I have chosen mean a lot to me as a mother and it is great that my photography can be used in a way that benefits others.”

British Model Jasmine Guiness is also taking part, donating a photo of her with her son Elwood. Other celebrities who’ve taken part in the fundraising project in the past include Helena Christensen and Penny Lancaster.

The auction, which opened this week, will run until March 13, with the top bidder taking home 10 sheets of 20 stamps signed by Elizabeth and Jasmine.

(Image: eBay)

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Damian looks really cute and sweet in that photo!


Time to stop dressing him like a girl.