Jim & Evan: Malibu Beach Boys

Jim Carrey was seen spending some quality time on the beach with 6 1/2-year-old Evan Joseph Asher, the son of Jim’s partner Jenny McCarthy. Doting Jim helped build sandcastles and played dumper trucks with Evan outside their Malibu beach home. Jim is also dad to 21-year-old Jane Erin Carrey.

Jenny recently stated why she’ll never marry Jim: “I will never get married. I hate that I say ‘never’ because the universe always says ‘tricked ya.’ But Jim and I, we talk about it a lot – just how funny it is that everyone wants us to or expects us to. When you’ve gotten married and divorced, you realize, OK, that wasn’t a set-in-stone agreement. We don’t know why the piece of paper has to prove our commitment. I think our words are just as powerful. I already call him my husband. It’s a name. ‘Oh, come here, husband.’ So I don’t feel the need at all to wear a white dress again. I did it. I marked that one off the fantasy file.”

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  1. Rosy J

    Wow! These pics are so touching. I love Jim Carrey. Jenny, he is a keeper!

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