Joely Fisher & Family @ Stuart House Benefit

Joely Fisher, husband Christopher Duddy and their daughters Skylar Grace, 7, True Harlow, 3, and Olivia Luna, 5 months, were seen at the John Varvatos 7th Annual Stuart House Benefit at the John Varvatos Boutique in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Joely and Christopher adopted Olivia Luna in September and has since encouraged domestic adoption saying, “There are 70,000 children in foster care in the state of California,” she adds. “That’s 7-0. It’s unbelievable! There are many children in our own city that need parents.”


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  • Hey!!
    Olivia is wearing the GLOBAL LOVE Track Suit!!!
    It is not available online…yet….but will be later today.
    Living the DREAM. Wearing the DREAM.
    Love to all, d. xo

  • Sanja

    The majority of children in foster care are not available for adoption due to various reasons ( most often because their parent(s) have not given away their rights), and fostering is not for everyone when you know that those children might be returned to their biological parents one day.

    Considering that wait lists for adopting a child younger than two are very long and it can take years to get a child I sincerely doubt that those 70 000 kids are free to b adopted.

    I thing that adopting older children should be promoted more (which she hasn’t done herself, so has no right to talk about it, imo) and that the state legislature should be stricter when it comes to terminating parental rights of abusive/negligent biological parents.

  • LaKesha

    As a foster parent, I completely agree with Sanja. It is nearly impossible to adopt foster children. If a newborn enters foster care, that child may not become eligible for adoption until he or she is 6 years old. And sadly that does appear to be the norm. I currently have a four month old who has been in my custody since 3 weeks old, she’ll probably be 12 before she’s eligible for adoption.

  • Rosy J

    How were they able to adopt an infant if what she reports is true regarding foster children? Anyway, that little Olivia is soooo delicious, I could eat her up!

  • Danielle

    It seems in the U.S adoption rules aren’t as strict though. In the U.K a white couple would not be allowed to adopt a black or asian child. One parent must be of the same race as they child.

  • LaKesha

    This was probably a private or agency adoption. I strongly doubt Olivia was in the foster care system.

  • Solène

    Danielle, I can’t believe it’s true! How are such rules even possible? In France it may be very long and difficult to adopt, but we can have another race than ours! I see adopted kids everyday with their white parents and it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world!

  • Holly G

    My two kids were adopted from Guatemala and the reason we didn’t adopt from the US foster system is for reasons that Sanja listed. There is so much uncertainty.

    Also, I do believe that Fischer did NOT adopt from the US foster care system.

  • Lucia

    She didn’t adopt from the foster care system, but she adopted a child that would have been put in the foster care system if she wasn’t adopted.

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