Julia Roberts Talks PB&J And Sex Appeal

“If you cut the crust off first, you just save that extra little bit of peanut butter and jelly,” she offers.

Julia returned to work to star alongside her friend Clive Owen in Duplicity. She says that along with “a similar sense of humor,” she and Clive have other things in common as well:

“Our list of priorities in our personal lives are not different. We are both happily married with families and lead a pretty normal, unaffected existence within in this odd universe of show business that we’ve both chosen to go into.”

Julia and Clive share some steamy scenes in their new film, but off-screen the 41-year-old actress only has eyes for her husband Danny Moder. Asked what she finds sexy in a man, Julia laughs, ”My husband hates it when I talk about him,” before going on to say that she’s “a sucker for really good vocabulary” and interesting conversation.

Your turn: What do you find sexy?

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  • Hannah

    My hubby worked as a carpenter for many years (before becoming an architect) so he’s always building things. He made our oak dining room set with his bare hands. I love a man who creates such beautiful things using his own hands, a manly man. I think that’s the sexiest thing in the world!! 🙂

  • Good conversation always does it, but before you get there somehow we always tend to take a good look at the person. No matter how shallow some may say it is, we love good looking people.

    For me the eyes have it.

  • melanie

    my fiance has amazing green eyes and a nice natural tan. plus an accent and a sense of humor! i can’t pick just one though, haha.

    and is it me or is julia looking younger than ever lately?

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