The Cornells Attend Stuart House Benefit

Chris Cornell, wife Vicky Karayiannis and their 4-year-old daughter Toni and 3-year-old son Christopher were seen attending the John Varvatos 7th Annual Stuart House Benefit at the John Varvatos Boutique in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The Cornells are often seen playing at the popular Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills.


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  • Jenny-Loo

    I wonder why their son is so much more fair skinned then mommy and daddy. Even his sister is a little darker skinned…??

  • LaKesha

    Does it matter?

  • salome

    i wonder why mom forgot to put on some pants.

  • melanie

    i think it’s so cute that little christopher is the only blonde! aw!

  • Jenny-Loo

    Of course it doesn’t matter what your skin color is… I was just wondering. I think genes are really cool… you never know what your going to get. I knew a Mexican family who had a son with red hair and freckles!

  • mel

    yes,you never know.
    makes me remember of cindy crawford son whom is the only blonde of the family too.

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