Jeff Brazier Takes Bobby Jack & Freddie To Their Christening

Jade Goody’s ex, Jeff Brazier was seen at Brighton station with their children, Bobby Jack, 5, and Freddie, 4, on the way to their christening in London on Saturday.

The boys have been saying their goodbyes to their beloved mother. On Feb. 4th, it was announced that Jade’s cancer had spread to her liver, bowel and groin. Then just ten days later, Jade’s condition was deemed terminal and she was given a few weeks to live. On Feb. 15th Jade exchanged rings with Jack Tweed, who appeared alongside her on Celebrity Big Brother, in a private informal ceremony on the banks of the River Thames. The couple were legally married on Feb. 22 at Down Hall country house near Hatfield Heath.

On March 5th, Jade requested to be christened from her bed at the Royal Marsden Hospital and two days later she and her sons were christened. Her publicist, Max Clifford, confirmed that this would be Goody’s last public appearance.

Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August, which has since spread to her liver, bowels and groin.

Our hearts go out to Jade and her boys during this difficult time.

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  • sheyla

    I think these boys are soooo adorable!! They are going to be so handsome when they grow up…That older one is just ( can I say it?) Fiiine. My thoughtss and prayers are w/them during this time.

  • Anda

    So sad. but it is mostly sad that they wait until she is dying to get married. Wait until she is dying to get christened. These are things that should be done while you are alive and not for fear of death.
    How do you get cervical cancer anyway? From unprotected sex with infected partners. Sin is punished.

    • Anonymous

      No its not from unprotected sex u idiot, u must be very young otherwise ur extremely stupid!! It is very sad wot happened 2 Jade, she did’nt deserve it… nobody does – but it make’s my blood boil when i read crap like wot u hav just written… how dare you! I hope 4 ur sake u never hav 2 go rhrough wot her poor family hav been through – how could u write that… think about her poor kids, they hav 2 grow up without a mother now – ur a heartless ass-hole! Rest in peace Jade and all the best 2 Bobby, Freddy, Jack, Jackie and the rest of the family x

  • Cari

    Anda, are you kidding me?? Way to kick someone when they’re down. Do you feel better about yourself? What a disgusting holier-than-thou comment.

  • disgusted

    show me one scientific publication that says cancer is a sexual disease!

  • Lala

    My gynocologist says that cervical cancer is because of contact with someone who has Human papillomavirus (HPV), which is very common. Not that I agree with the above poster about the wages of sin or anything.

  • April

    Actually, not all cervical cancers are caused by HPV. I believe about 70% of cases are related to HPV.

    My gynocologist said that almost everyone has HPV and most of the time it doesn’t manifest as anything. It’s extremely common.

    Jade’s story is sad and just reinforces the point of yearly PAP tests. They can save your life.

    As for the idiot that said she had it coming to her, you are the reason why the importance of religion is decreasing in the American population. That was an incredibly un-God like statement.

  • Rinoa

    My heart goes out to Jade and her family.

    And it’s comments like the one that Anda made that gives religious people a bad name.

  • Amy

    They couldn’t get married because he was in prison. And its quite common for people who were nonreligious for most of their lives to find God while going through an extremely difficult time, ie. cancer and death.

  • Peta

    Anda, you should have just stopped after the ‘fear of death’ remark. My grandma’s suffering from that same cancer at this very moment, and her only partner was her husband who left her over 50 years ago. I guess she had it coming for not trying harder to keep her husband from abandoning his young family.

    As April said, it’s people like you why more and more people think religion is for the ignorant. This woman is about to lose her life and her children have little time left with their mother, but let’s ignore those sad facts and pack her off into hellfire already.

  • melanie

    jade has amazingly cute boys! soo handsome..and her ex is FOINNNEE! i hope he’s ready to raise them!

  • emily

    my heart goes out to this family!! those boys are beyond precious and adorable!! so sad my heart aches for them, as well as Jeff. i hope he can pull it through at this difficult time!

  • emily

    btw he’s 21, did he really have a kid at 16??

  • anon

    No, Jeff was born in 1979..making him 29-30. Her husband is 21.

  • hayley

    adna what a stupid thing to say by getting married she was fullfilling one of her final wishes what is so wrong with that, and maybe she had every intention of getting the boys christened there is no age limit. you are a very selfish person to say what you have i am disgusted.

  • jessica

    i cant believe jade’s gone now ,its so sad 🙁 and her sons bobby and freddy are sooo adorable.i sooo agree with sheyla that bobby the older one is fine haha even though its a wierd thing to say coz hes only five but bobby and freddy are soo cutee there eyes r gorgous XD
    R.I.P Jade

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