Jim Belushi & Kids Go For A Spin

Jim Belushi and his kids Jamison and Jared were seen riding a scooter with a flat back tire in their Brentwood neighborhood.

The 54-year-old According to Jim star has been married three times and has three children. He was married to Sandra Davenport and had a son, Robert (born 1981), with her before they divorced. Jim has been married to his third wife Jennifer Sloan for ten years and has a daughter, Jamison, 9, and a son, Jared, 6.

Jim is the brother of the late, great comedian John Belushi.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. shirilicious

    Usually I’m not the kind to get all up in arms against parents who seemingly don’t care that much about their children’s safety, but looking at this picture, WTF is he doing?! His daughter looks like she is ready to fall off the scooter sitting on the edge with only one hand free to hold herself and they’re running on the street where other cars/ motorcycles can easily hit them. Not to mention that neither one of them is wearing a helmet. Flat tire and all, this is just plain irresponsible.

  2. Cari

    Shiri – you beat me to it. Ditto everything you said.

  3. Theresa

    I third you both…I can’t believe people would put their kids at risk like that…no it wouldn’t kill her to fall off but it could cause serious cerebral injuries that would affect her for the rest of her life…and 3 people on a scooter is ridiculous!

  4. melanie

    i think you guys are overreacting, they’re obviously not going far since the kids are seen running, they’re just having a good time…

  5. Anonymous

    I “fourth” those sentiments shirilicious! Bravo!

    And to Melanie…work in the ER a couple of nights a week as a volunteer then come back and comment. Disctance has nothing to do with how severe a head injury (especially to a child) can be.

  6. melanie

    anonymous, i’ve been a police reporter so i do know…why don’t u try cutting the umbilical cord some time.

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