Bobby Jack & Freddie Prepare For Mum’s Passing

Jeff Brazier was photographed arriving at Jade Goody’s house with their children, Bobby Jack, 5, and Freddie, 4, for the first time since Jade came home from the hospital yesterday. The children were picked up by their father from school and looked excited to see their mum. Jade has 24 hours of nursing care as she spends her final days at home with terminal cancer.

Our thoughts are with Jade and her family during this difficult time.

Photos: Splash

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  1. cait

    Gorgeous boys! I love how there matching.. you know it’s cute.. since they are close to age!

  2. Domino

    It breaks my heart everytime i read something about this family, it has to be the hardest thing…not be able to see your kids grow…my thoughts are with Jade and her family, God bless her.

  3. cyberkitten38

    my heart totally breaks for this family 🙁 …especially Jade, knowing she’s leaving her children behind 🙁 It’s just not fair

  4. melanie

    i usually hate when kids match, but this is UBER cute! these are some handsome little boys w/a fine dad and gorgeous mother! 🙂

  5. ABJ

    The reason they match is because they are wearing their school uniforms.

  6. Carlie

    They’re wearing school uniforms………

  7. Tiff

    Gorgeous boys!

    They’ve matched in a previous post about them as well..

  8. Tiff

    Also god bless them all! I’m sure the pain they are going through is really hard. Hope for the best for them, especially the two lil’ ones.

  9. Layla Loo

    Is it just me or did everyone forget what an a$$ she made out of herself on Big Brother with her racist remarks and stupidity?

  10. ker

    oh wow the older boy is really going to be a stud! the younger one is cute too. and as for the dad, well hellllllllllllllo there 😉

  11. Natalie

    @ Layla Loo – She isn’t a murderer…she doesn’t deserve to die!!
    She has children…do they deserve to lose a mother regardless? NO!!

  12. A. B. Jalloh

    God! I would have loved to see Jeff And Goody continue to see their children grow rather than Goody departing from them with weeks for ever.The God who does this will do it for the children too.

  13. Keri

    Everyone makes mistakes. From what I understand she had a rough life without a lot of priviledge or education. She made some ignorant comments – we all do! She apologized and was trying to provide a better life for her boys. I feel for them and for her. I can’t imagine being in her position and knowing that I only have such little time left with such precious kids.

  14. Penny

    Layla Loss- no, not forgetting but just focusing on the horror for anyone who knows they are leaving their young children behind. Someone astutely noted she grew up in adverse circumstances so Jade just did the best she could with what she had. Also she was (is) young when most of her trangressions occurred and unlike most of us she had them all on camera for posterity.

    Anyway I read the number of pap smears in the UK are jumping due to this story. It put a very real face on the specter of cervical cancer and is driving home how fast it can move in.. so that is the small bit of good. This is my worst nightmare as a mother and I am touched by the outpouring people are showing despite her foolish missteps , we all make them.

  15. Anon

    Hope you’ve never said anything stupid in your past. I would hate for you to get in a bad place and that be the only thing that people would remember about you.

  16. CeCe

    She’s a racist who is dying. Whoopee. There are plenty of regular people deserving of attention suffering through cancer.

  17. shirilicious

    Cece, if even Shilpa Shetty (the woman she threw her racist remarks at) can overcome this, befriend Jade Goody and fly in from India to visit Jade one last time, when why can’t complete strangers? She’s not a racist who is/was constantly throwing her hatred around, she said some very stupid things, but went on and apologized, learned from her mistakes and is now dying.
    If you don’t feel for her, then maybe for her sons?

  18. Anonymous

    Whatever Jade has said or done in the past should stay in the past. She apologised for her behaviour. Life is far too short to hold grudges and have hatred.
    Her children will have to grow up without their mother, and unfortunately will probably have to hear awful comments like that. They are 2 INNOCENT little boys who are watching their mother die in the most horrific way. Please expain to me why she shouldnt raise awareness and try to save other REGULAR families from the same heartache.

  19. Rinoa

    Jade just passed away. RIP.

  20. katrina

    i think all you horrible people out there saying nasty comments have not watched some one close to you dieing of cancer andi ould not wish that on my worst enemy aftr seeing this terrible disease with my own eyes

  21. katrina

    i think all you horrible people out there saying nasty comments have not watched some one close to you dieing of cancer and i would not wish that on my worst enemy after seeing this terrible disease with my own eyes and longing for the person who i have lost

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